how bout that new year’s resolution, number 6?  i have a good excuse, though, as i was without internet access at home for over a week.  i thought i might die, but lo and behold, here i am telling you about it.  hooray! 

ok, on to more important things- i have made nothing to speak of lately, although i have cast on for my favorite bootie pattern (knitting for baby), for my newest niece, jessica mary, born last thursday. 

this last couple weeks have been really difficult for me.  i’ve been having nightmares a lot, which leaves me exhausted for the 3 preschoolers i have during the day, and i’m feeling guilty about my lack of patience and general un-cool-momness lately.  our visitation schedule hasn’t been kept by one of us (guess who!), and so i’ve had hardly any time away from the kids.  the time i have had has all been working time, which i’ve had to beg, borrow and steal babysitting for.  i’m dying to go to yoga regularly and just generally take better care of myself so that i can take better care of everyone else.  where are the teenagers who are dying to babysit?  i guess they all work at starbucks these days…

ok, just so i don’t crap all over your sunday and leave, here’s a photo of sage’s brilliant performance art.  note the expression on her face- it’s key to this particular work. 

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  1. Nightmares???? Do you need to vent some? Remember you are only one person and can only do so much—Pray EVERY night and be willing to accept the answer…..sometimes harder than it seems. Have you had any luck with mediation? I love you and you ARE doing a great job!!!

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