crazy people

i’ve been wanting to share some of my nuttiest search terms- some are really out there.  a small sampling:

in the eeeewwwww category:

  • scalp smelly white gunk

  • losing blood fast head

  • itchy rash butt

  • baby spit up green

 In the “yes, my friends are on tv” category:

  • ace of cakes number one fan

  • geof ace of cakes is hot

  • i love mary alice

  • geof cake sexy

  • mary alice charm city cutie

 in the “crafts gone wrong” category:

  • Drunken Sailor quilt pattern

  • british crochet + “ach”

  • how the hell do i knit

there are also many, many, many search terms dealing with dropping hcg levels.  so many, it makes me really sad sometimes.  i’m happy i can maybe help someone else get through losing a baby, but man.  it’s true when people tell you it happens more than you think- one week in december, i must have had at least 10 hits from “dropping hcg” search terms, and i have at least one every two weeks or so.  if you’re one of those searchers, i hope you’ve gotten through it and are looking forward as best you can.  i feel you.  hang in there. 

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  1. eeeewwww for sure!!!! Oh my goodness……..And those others… Agh…and… ooo….Hee hee

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