alive and kickin

hey there party people.  the camera batteries are dead, and despite picking it up 47 times this week to photograph something to post about, the batteries are still.  dead.  perhaps, someday soon, i will change the batteries, and be able to share some crafty things with you again.  we can hope.  also, it’s holy week, for which i offer an analogy- holy week is to those who work in the Christian church as tax day is to accountants everywhere. 

 luckily, as usual, myriad crafty posters have thrilling posts for you to read today; i give you: 

kathy’s totally amazing mask, quilted, with beaded embroidery (kathy, this may be my favorite thing you’ve ever made- really spectacular)…

yarn harlot’s trip to ann arbor on her book tour, a trip which was paved with good intentions…

political knitting statement, at whip-up…

enjoy, and happy (?) maundy thursday! 

3 Responses to “alive and kickin”

  1. Thanks Heather! The hand dyed fabrics are really making me smile.

  2. Well then, have a crazy holy week. hee hee…..Easter, right around the corner.. I love it! Are the kids awaiting the day? I love the deep meaning and the treats.. What a great combo. xxo,Vanessa

  3. Christina! Says:

    heyyyy there… e-mail me because i forget your email and i want to ask you a question k? you’ll enjoy my possible stalking results i think haha!

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