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here’s what i’ve been focused on this week:

he’s had a fever for 3 days that goes from 101-104 with wild abandon.  he’s been doing things like this, falling asleep while playing with the balance ball, all weekend, and not sleeping very much at night.  it’s been a bit like having a newborn, all foggy, all the time. 

we have two new family members:

zeke and simmie, a brother sister pair in need of a home, and we in serious need of mouse control.  zeke has many, many extra digits, which only adds to his allure in my book.  they’re both very sweet, not too needy, not too shed-y, purrrfect.  sorry, i had to. 

and, finally, a bit of crazy random writing about this, which came in the easter basket grandmommy put together for us:


so, the idea is, it’s a Dora ™ candy dispenser.  so cute!  dora ™ dressed like a bunny!  but wait, there’s a dark side:

you basically scalp her to get to the candy.  here, kids, open up dora’s ™ cranium, and partake of her delectable, candy brain!  yum! 

is it just me?  did not one person in their marketing department think this might be a tiny bit disturbing?  maybe it’s just me…

2 Responses to “thought randomizer”

  1. Somehow I think “brain candy” is better than those pooping candy dispensers. Because poop candy is not good. Not like poop diamonds.

  2. Is that a giant blue smurf ball I see???? What sick babies?? Fevers??? Oh no! Singing” I hope the cats catch the rats, the babe gets very well, things turn out oh so swell…” I can’t think of anything else that rhymes.. But, you catch my drift? All goodness for your sweet little family! xxo,V

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