all apologies

hey peeps.  so sorry about the lack of posting. 

here’s some things i’ve been working on lately:

from left to right, there are knitted swatch bracelets (strung with elastic and beads), a tiny wire crochet beaded ring basket (to hold a ring), and crocheted flowers ready to be felted and made into a new project that i’ve been working on… more to come in that department! 

i’ve also been doing many preparations for this, (it’s at the bottom of the page, in red) coming up soon.  if you’re in town and have kids, you should totally come.  we always have good food, pony rides, moon bounce, beautiful flowers, and most importantly, strawberries. 

other than that, i’m running on empty over here.  i got to do yoga once last week, since the kids have started spending the night at their dad’s house 3 nights a week.  it was great, and helped, but i need to go more often to get the energy benefits.  i haven’t been eating well, either.  not helping…  hope your weekend was amazing!

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