please help, crafty people

i have a bunch (and by that, i mean 4 or 5) t-shirts that i want to transform from man-shaped to slightly-less-man-shaped.  usually, i just cut out the neck band and the arm bands, which works nicely, but these shirts are really big.  they need to be shaped on the sides, and i’d like to do a drawstring type thing on the sides to cinch them up. 

now, normally, i would just do it.  jump in with both feet and little, if any, planning.  this time i thought i’d ask first.  maybe someone has one of those t-shirt refashioning books, or has done this very deed?  i’ve googled, and not found anything.  please comment if you have any knowledge here.  thanks in advance. 

also, i watched this great video today from this amazing site (via whipup), and i feel such elation, it’s hard to describe.  i have been loving the quilting goodness, and i sure love fabric, but quilting was the one craft arena i had never ever come close to entering.  i never even really got to the parking lot of that arena, i got lost on the way and then ran out of gas.  it has always seemed like something you can’t do halfway, you know?  you need a lot of experience and a lot of supplies- at least in my head.  but now, with this site that has pictorial and video guides for even the dumbest non-quilters like me, i feel as though i can learn how to piece, bind, and then someday actually create aquilt!  this is exciting!  check out some recent quilting beauty here, here, and here (warning: anna maria’s blog is especially addictive- make sure you have time to stay a while).  i am so inspired, ladies, if only i knew how to do this…

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  1. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started, so I bet you’ll do just fine! And as far as the t-shirt thing, I don’t know how to do the drawstring deal, but I saw a show once with refashioning tshirts and the lady put the big shirt on, put in a few pins where she wanted the new sides to be and then sewed new seams. Instead of going straight up and down, like a man’s shirt, she made them curvey, to fit the line of her bust to her waist.

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