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Posted in crafting, life in general, musings on May 31, 2007 by askthesky

a whole year already, wow.  here’s the post you’ve been waiting for, where i bring you up to date on crafty things i’ve been working on, although in taking photos this morning, i’m a little bubble-bursted at how few things i’ve gotten finished…

i have 2 craft shows this summer, one in the inner harbor and one in harbor east, so things in the studio have been kicked into high gear (as much as they can with three short people underfoot).  i’m looking forward to a few things, getting rid of the shortest person in the house when her summer nanny takes over will be helpful, as well as the chance to split tables with other craft mafioso- it takes a lot of the pressure off to fill a whole booth.   i’ve also been offered some wall and column space at the local yarn shop, which i need to fill this week. 

so, what have i been making? 

knitted rings and bracelets,

floss drawings, using the glue-the-fabric-in-the-hoop-as-frame idea,

shadowbox collages,

the second in the drawstring gusset t-shirt re-fashionings,

and some sweet gifts for some sweet babies.  whew!  i have about a million other things still in-progress, including a bunch of yarn shadowboxes using the Martha line of scrapbooking products they have now at michael’s- love them,  love them, go there. 

ok, now i’m off to work more on all of those unfinished works- i’d love to do a giveaway to celebrate my year of blogging… how about comment to be entered to win something, as yet to be undetermined… i know, it’s super enticing, right!?!  wish i could be more specific…


no matter how you spell it…

Posted in musings on May 25, 2007 by askthesky

i love colo(u)r.  i may have found a new way to occupy my time… you know, all that bon-bon eating time… scroll down to drool at glassybaby…

Posted in musings on May 23, 2007 by askthesky

small fox and supa both made the same bag!  supa’s is for her giant baby, to be born any moment, and sarah’s is a gift for her mom in law as a gardening bag. 

ok, i am drowning in things over here- craft mafia, church work, no childcare for the whole month (soon to be ending), direct sales biz, nanny gig, writing music, finishing long overdue baby gifts.  notice you don’t see blogging anywhere on that list…

here’s a photo i took of sage at the playground last week with supa and owen.  i’ve found that scheduling a playdate is the best way to ensure taking a break from the list above.  anyway, i love this picture.  lately i’ve been staring at it as i run by the computer, staring wistfully and imagining a crafty post as i struggle to hold a baby, a basket of laundry, ant baits, and the phone.  <sigh> 

here’s hoping you’re fine, i promise to be back next week with some new things from the studio!

only seven?

Posted in musings on May 8, 2007 by askthesky

tag, i’m it!  sarah is making me talk about random things about myself.  this should be E-Z. 

1.  a friend of mine recently found a song lyric i wrote when i was 16, stuck in my high school yearbook.  after i wrestled it from him so i could read it before he did, i was surprised to find that it wasn’t half bad.  the first line read, “in my dream, you dreamed of me”. 

2.  mosquitoes always bite me when no one else is being attacked.   it’s very hard to be a lover of the outdoors when your outdoor experience is primarilyblood sucking insects.  if anyone has a home style remedy, please, for the love of GOD, comment.  I recently heard that putting a dryer sheet in your pocket will fend them off.  dude, i’ll try anything at this point. 

3.  i like to set my life to a soundtrack, as in a movie.  i’ll imagine that i’m in my movie while i listen to music in my car, or wherever.  i have a sneaking suspicion i’m not alone here.  or maybe it’s just me…

4.  i do not own a television set.  by choice. 

5.  my neighborhood is famous for being tacky.  no, really.  of course, that’s coming from a hamster…

6.  i have never, ever, in my life, dated a man who was not a musician. 

7.  i haven’t been to the movie theater since before sage was born.  this was the last movie i saw in the theater, and i had to get up to pee about 100 times. 

i could go on and on… i think now i’m supposed to name 7 others who must take on this challenge of challenges, but i think instead i’ll say, if you’d like to so this, please join.  if not, no biggie.  i’m in a zero pressure kind of mood. 

much more crafty news to come, have a great weekend and CALL YOUR MOTHER! 

i knew this would happen…

Posted in crafting on May 1, 2007 by askthesky

i jumped in, no plan.  just as i’d said yesterday.  it worked okay, i learned what not to do, so hopefully the next one will be more of what i was going for in my head… more to come!