only seven?

tag, i’m it!  sarah is making me talk about random things about myself.  this should be E-Z. 

1.  a friend of mine recently found a song lyric i wrote when i was 16, stuck in my high school yearbook.  after i wrestled it from him so i could read it before he did, i was surprised to find that it wasn’t half bad.  the first line read, “in my dream, you dreamed of me”. 

2.  mosquitoes always bite me when no one else is being attacked.   it’s very hard to be a lover of the outdoors when your outdoor experience is primarilyblood sucking insects.  if anyone has a home style remedy, please, for the love of GOD, comment.  I recently heard that putting a dryer sheet in your pocket will fend them off.  dude, i’ll try anything at this point. 

3.  i like to set my life to a soundtrack, as in a movie.  i’ll imagine that i’m in my movie while i listen to music in my car, or wherever.  i have a sneaking suspicion i’m not alone here.  or maybe it’s just me…

4.  i do not own a television set.  by choice. 

5.  my neighborhood is famous for being tacky.  no, really.  of course, that’s coming from a hamster…

6.  i have never, ever, in my life, dated a man who was not a musician. 

7.  i haven’t been to the movie theater since before sage was born.  this was the last movie i saw in the theater, and i had to get up to pee about 100 times. 

i could go on and on… i think now i’m supposed to name 7 others who must take on this challenge of challenges, but i think instead i’ll say, if you’d like to so this, please join.  if not, no biggie.  i’m in a zero pressure kind of mood. 

much more crafty news to come, have a great weekend and CALL YOUR MOTHER! 

5 Responses to “only seven?”

  1. You should rub the dryer sheet on your arms and stuff too, it works pretty well. I do the thing with the soundtrack too! It’s not just you!

  2. Oh My!!clapping!!! Your blog looks beautiful!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! Wait wait! I thought my life was the only one set to a soundtrack.. hee hee hee….

  3. Don’t forget your distaste for chicken that is still attached to a bone and also your thing with soft cushy toilet paper. I could go on, WEIRDO.

  4. touche, fluff, touche.

  5. what about the doctor dude?????

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