small fox and supa both made the same bag!  supa’s is for her giant baby, to be born any moment, and sarah’s is a gift for her mom in law as a gardening bag. 

ok, i am drowning in things over here- craft mafia, church work, no childcare for the whole month (soon to be ending), direct sales biz, nanny gig, writing music, finishing long overdue baby gifts.  notice you don’t see blogging anywhere on that list…

here’s a photo i took of sage at the playground last week with supa and owen.  i’ve found that scheduling a playdate is the best way to ensure taking a break from the list above.  anyway, i love this picture.  lately i’ve been staring at it as i run by the computer, staring wistfully and imagining a crafty post as i struggle to hold a baby, a basket of laundry, ant baits, and the phone.  <sigh> 

here’s hoping you’re fine, i promise to be back next week with some new things from the studio!


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  1. New blog layout is great. Perhaps I’m a bit late in seeing it! And I love the Sage picture. She is a giant among little girls. Hopefully you will get some time for yourself soon!

  2. I love the new pic, where is it??

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