seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…

what a nice day we’re having over here.  the weather is perfect, which says a lot since it’s june in baltimore (stay away, humidity!).  i’ve gotten a bunch done already today, although i’ve had to lay off knitting and crocheting a bit to give my left wrist a break.  i’m planning to do more floss drawings today.  i still need to finish some more flower pins for the yarn shop, as this weekend is honfest and we’re expecting lots of traffic.  i might have a yard sale, too, if i can swing it.  if you’re local, send me an email for my address. 

last night i had a lovely time with fluffy, who gave me this helpful note:

i almost forgot to call him, b, and we don’t want to make him angry.  or leave him dateless for lunch.  it just wouldn’t be right. 

sage helped make ciabatta pizzas for lunch, counting exactly three pepperonis per slice.  then she dumped wayyyy too much romano on, and scoffed when i suggested that maybe we’d want to avoid using the entire ($9) container on one meal. 

whoa, nelly. 

the finished meal. 

here’s a helpful hint for any parent of a toddler who isn’t as into vegetables as he is into chocolate covered pretzels: buy the dora christmas dvd, and watch the last episode, mimo gets lost, wherein mimo, the class hampster, runs away from school, and dora and boots lure him out of a pyramid full of spiders with his favorite snack, a carrot (it sounds very indiana jones, doesn’t it?  don’t get your hopes up).  watch the episode at least 45-65 times in one week.  next, start offering your child “mimo carrots” at meals.  soon he will be eating mimo carrots with abandon.  abandon, people.  then you can move on to mimo celery, mimo red peppers, and if you’re really nuts, mimo spinach. 


there’s a mimo carrot in that mouth, i promise you. 

and thus ends our lunchtime programming for today. 

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  1. As much as she annoys me, Dora can be used for so many things. Charlie and Lola are more my speed!

  2. So this is where you have been hiding? I thought your site was under construction and that you had not posted. Never realizing, that is I scrolled down, ther eyou would be! And here you are. hand me a pizza, we have so much catching up to do!!! xxooo

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