ah, baltimore.  you try so hard, and yet, somehow, inexplicably, you fall short of success. 

today the mafia participated in a new event put on by the baltimore office of promotion and the arts, called artist’s marketplace on the water, which is held each sunday in june (and the first in july) at this park right in between the science center and the visitors center in the inner harbor OF DOOM.  kidding, it’s just a plain old harbor.  well, there was doom today, but normally, it’s a perfectly fine harbor.  it does smell of fish, but what harbor doesn’t, i ask you?  ok, moving on. 

we quickly realized why this prime land hasn’t been turned into starbucks or the ever popular tourist mecca, HOOTERS.  it’s a bog, people.  a soggy, water-logged, never-meant-to-be-walked-on B-O-G.  and yet, in spite of boggy adversity, we prevailed.  they set us up around the bog edges, and we bravely put out our handcrafted items to be adored by the general population of tourists/oriole game leavers. 

i was in the good company of some sweaty (but not stinky!) mafioso:

it was a tad windy,

and, we sold one t-shirt in the entire 8 hour day.  but, i can’t tell you how much joy it brought me to have people walk into the booth, pick up something i made, and talk to their companion about how nice it was.  i’m proud to say i’m done with my first show.  here’s to many more… but actually selling things at them…

 that’s rachel’s bake sale designs in front, and some of my felted balls and floss sketches in the back.  woo-HOO! 

hey, you!  don’t forget the only place to be this saturday is theeeeeeee…………..

PILE OF CRAFT!  click the link in the sidebar for directions, vendor lists, and all the details.  i’ll be at the info booth for some of the day, so please do stop in and say hello.  we are all very excited about this- watch for us on the fox 45 morning news tuesday morning at 6:10, 7:10, and 8:10 am!  


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  1. i would never forget about saturday!!!! i’ve not only told my friends, but put it in my phone’s agenda. i can’t stop thinking about it! my friend (who just got back from paris) said that she wants to have to tell someone, “oh saturday? nope i have a craft show to go to” hopefully it’ll happen. see ya then!! miss you guys!

  2. I like and play all sorts of mafia games myself, they are very fun to play. There are so many different types on the net. I am more into fast paced games, then the slower based mafia games myself. I like mafia games that have a lot of players in them that makes them a lot more fun!

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