sheepish excuses…

i’ve been bad.  i cannot, as hard as i try, make anything correctly.  or beautiful, lately.  you know how most of the craft blogs present you with perfectly styled items, staged in perfectly styled corners of perfectly styled homes?  yeah.  you’re here now, and i’ve decided to just show you all of it, not just the pretty (or not so pretty) ending.  i kind of wish more people out there in blogville did this.  the yarn harlot does it, and every time she does it makes me want to call and thank her, and mail some nice homemade sweet rolls. 

are you prepared?  here’s what i’ve been up to:


amy karol’s book, bend the rules sewing, is so good.  i know you’ve heard about it elsewhere, and now here, so just go buy it.  of course, the first pattern i tried, the charming handbag, had some pattern omissions, that amy has since cleared up (thanks, amy!) in her flickr group.  of course, in true me fashion, i made the bag before the post with the handle and casing dimensions, and made them so small that many cursings were made.  many, many cursings.  i messed up pretty much every step of the way on this, and i won’t be able to use it.  but, i feel content that the next time i try it, i’ll know a little more.  maybe.  whatever, it was remnant fabric, and i didn’t lose too much time on it.  on to the next failure! 

this is supposed to be simplicity 3751, view D.  it quickly turned into view F, when i couldn’t figure out the sleeve instructions.  then it went straight from view F to view CRAP.  i don’t know how i messed up this neck band.  i don’t know how to fix it, but i do know that i do not intend to rip it out.  call it stubbornness, call it bullheaded-ness, i call it “i already ripped the seam FOUR times, there is no way on GOD’S EARTH i am ripping it again”.  there has to be a way to fix this.  I’m determined to find it, as this is pure linen, not an inexpensive fabric, and i really need this shirt in my meager wardrobe.  the high point of this is the beautiful bias-tape edging on the sleeve, which in a stunning turn of events, i applied perfectly. 

i bought some flannel for some taggy-style baby blankets:

i made a new embroidery floss organizer:

it’s wonky, and thrown together, but i love it.  it shows me all the colors at once, and anything rainbow colored makes me super duper happy.  maybe unreasonably so. 

i bought and installed an AMAZING room darkening shade in the kids room, to preserve a bit more sleeping time for myself in the mornings.  zander gets up at first light, which lately has been around 5:45 am.  it’s amazing- ikea doesn’t use the term “room darkening” lightly. 

my friend fluffy’s husband gave me a new guitar.  gave me.  i tried to give him some moolah for it, but he refused, so i folded up the bills and stuck them into the space between the phone antenna and the phone.  take that, fluff!  and, i won’t take it back, so don’t even try.  it’s a lovely guitar, and i’m so happy to have it.  i’ve done a little recording with it, and it’s worlds better than my old one. 

we’ve also been spending time at the park, watching the dogs and the ultimate frisbee league from hopkins.  sage has found a new interest in plants- at bible school they made some flower presses, and searched the grounds for pretty leaves and flowers to press.  now she’s hooked, and what a great thing to be hooked on…

we’re off to our family reunion in west virginia this week, so i say fare thee well until august…

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  1. Even if your projects aren’t perfect, you’re learning! And I can see some true potential there. You’ve been busy and that’s what counts!

  2. Well, you try and that is the first step. Who wants perfection when you can get something lovingly handmade? Not me! I love the rough edges and wonky lines of seams that scream “handmade”. Isn’t it nice that someone took the time to make/create/craft something special just to make you happy. Don’t get me wrong, I also adore those flawles items you can see made by those pros, but even they had to start sometime ;o)

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