we’re back from our week in southern west virgin-I-A- pipestem resort state park.  it was really pretty and really fun and really, really exhausting.  there are over 100 who attend this family reunion, coming from as far as california (and holland one year).  each family branch takes turns cooking the dinners, and much fun is had by all, especially the kids.  a photo tour for you:

graves reunion 07 011

graves reunion 07 003

graves reunion 07 015

graves reunion 07 023

plus, i managed to get make some progress while i was away on a big project- more to come on that later this week! 

2 Responses to “reunited”

  1. first of all the food is making my mouth water. i am so glad to come home and read your blog and be like ahhh heather and her kids… cause i miss you guys!! can’t wait to babysit/hang out. talk to you soon!!

  2. Just found your blog and wanted to say HI, I will be back, some great photos going on here.
    Suzie Sews

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