the room for living

next stop on the tour, the room of living.  this is on the front of the house, that’s the front door there…

how bout that couch cover?  i heart you, ikea.  the big piece on the left is also from ikea, but handed down (free!) from my sis.   i heart you, sis.  rug from my mom (i think it’s from ollie’s), chair from my mom, hastily covered by me and sage last week.  it has teddy bears under that blue fabric.  my dad made the cd shelf, and the mirrors and memo strip (25 cents!) are from, you guessed it, ikea. 

from the front door looking back:

i don’t tidy before i take photos, if i took time for that, there would be no time for the posting… sage has been playing dress-up in here this afternoon while i make circles for some new projects.  here you can see the other couch and the wall color- two walls are lime green, while the long wall that runs into the dining room is yellow.  luckily, my giant painting fits in with both:

geez, it looks so crooked in this shot, i need to get out my level… anyways, that’s the room we live in.  come and see us sometime!  more house to come this week…

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  1. Your new house is looking good! How are the kiddos liking the new digs?

  2. it’s so you! i love how bright and colorful it looks. and am jealous of your couch. more house tour please.

  3. So glad you came to our place today, Heather! I know it’s alotta work with the kiddos and a heck of a drive but I hope you had a good time visiting with all. Love and miss you! 🙂 jen cz

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