details, details…

I have had email requests for more details about the house, so here you go- at some point this week we’ll also venture upstairs to explore such oddities as the inexplicably tetris-shaped bathroom.  stay tuned! 

for now, kitchen details:

this bowl on the wall is from my nana- it’s the pasta bowl.  in my house, it usually holds linguine and clams. 

the dining/play room:

this is one of my latest embroideries, from the city/country series, which i wonkily “matted” in fabric.  i like the idea, but as usual i was in a hurry.  next time, slowing down, really. 

next, the studio, bedrooms, and bath.  have a great hump day…

2 Responses to “details, details…”

  1. Ikea cabinets! And the cutest embroidery!

  2. You are so welcome for the cabinets…I truly think that they look better at your place–I’m so glad that they worked! JT loved the way the dining room looked, especially the table placement, even at 13 maybe he has some sense of good style! Tori thought the kitchen was pretty cool and updated!
    ly sis

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