the loo and the stu…

the stu, dio.  first the bathroom, though, which is was remodeled at some point using the “I’d Do Just About ANYthing For A Window Here” school of design.  it’s shaped like a tetris block:


the amount of room in between the tub and the wall here is very narrow- so narrow that when i kneel to wash the kids’ hair, i can’t flatten my feet.  they hit the wall.  but, it has a window!  that’s all that matters! 

and now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the studio!  where all the magic happens! 

it’s really a closet.  and the floor slopes so much that i have to keep my feet firmly planted to avoid careening into the fabric storage boxes when i sit in the chair.  it’s a mess, too, as you can see.  i’m for realism, remember?  soon there will be a tall table for cutting and layout type things, with a smaller table for the sewing machine tucked in next to it.  then there are the boards:

brimming with ideas…

and, here’s the not so pretty part of the room, the storage part.  i got really inspired by sarah’s craft room fabric storage, but i didn’t get enough.  heaven forbid i plan ahead and calculate before going to the store. 

so, yeah, work in progress here.  consider these the ‘before’.  i was thrilled (doesn’t take much) to discover that my little yard sale german hospital cart was great for ribbon storage:

oh, and to give credit where it is due, my mom made those pretty yellow curtains in the year 47 AD.  ok, maybe it was 1979, close enough.  thanks, mom! 


2 Responses to “the loo and the stu…”

  1. That’s one big closet! It looks almost as big as the actual room I have my office in. My fabric and sewing machine and such is actually in the corner of my family room.

    Your bathroom is entertaining too. But it has a window!

  2. I remember those curtains well, and ALWAYS loved them (even though they weren’t purple) but Mom made them, so they were great. You are so lucky to have a ‘closet’ to close and leave things sit that little fingers can’t get to…ahh, maybe one day I will too!

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