moravian cookies, green tea, and sour grapes

this past Friday, my fellow craft mafiosi and i met in the home of one of our members to jury our upcoming holiday show, Holiday Heap.  it’s a long meeting.  we had about four times as many applicants as we had spots.  each one of our members (and we’re a large group, most other chapters in the country only have a few businesses, while ours includes 14 businesses, a few of which have more than one artist/owner) spent lots of time the few days prior to the meeting visiting websites, reading artists’ statements, and getting a feel for our applicants.  See the paper in this photo?  That’s one of four pages. 

it’s not easy to choose from among so many talented people.  we have to keep in mind the overall makeup of the show (we wouldn’t want to have 30 booths of knitwear, for example), the quality of the artist’s work, the price points, and so much else- it can be mind-boggling.  we don’t always agree, and there are sometimes heated (yet measured) discussions to be had and tough decisions to be made.  needless to say, we can’t accept everyone, and so we don’t.  as in every area of life, some people choose to take this personally, others handle it with grace and professionalism.  i hope that those who fall into the latter category will continue to set the example- coming together with other craftspersons and artists in the spirit of support and camaraderie, realizing that sometimes things don’t work out, and there’s likely a reason that may not be clear at the moment, but might present a great opportunity for growth in the future. 

i’d like to personally thank every artist who shared their work with us and applied for the show.  we’re humbled and so grateful.  i also want to impress upon all my fellow mafia members how wonderful it is to be a part of a group that is so cohesive, so fun, so supportive, so super duper awesome.  i love you guys. 

on with the show…

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  1. hurray! very good points raised here.

  2. very well put. i’m so happy to be a part of this group. thank you for always being so wise and levelheaded 🙂 kisses and hugs

  3. well put, friend.

  4. I can’t wait for Holiday Heap. When is it?

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