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i often read other craft blogs, and i have many “green” craft blogs in my bloglines feed list.  a recurring theme seems to be the urge to be informed about environmental issues becoming overshadowed by the feelings of doom and hopelessness that sometimes come along with that knowledge.  this is why i loved ‘an inconvenient truth’- the way that they rolled the action items during the ending credits left me with a hopeful heart. 

when i make things, i try to re-use materials i have laying around, to clean out my studio, and to help the earth a bit.  there are so many artists i know who use reclaimed and re-purposed materials in their work.  i realize that small act probably isn’t meaningful to everyone, but to me it is so inspiring- those of us who struggle to make a living at art can’t afford to be wasteful, and really none of us can afford wastefulness- that time is past, and we need to seek out ways to conserve in each area of our lives, art included. 

so in this post, i want to point out some people i know and love who walk this talk.  i’m inspired to do more because of their examples, and i hope you are as well. 

first!  my friend (and fellow mafiosi) jen, who makes the near-world-famous (for good reason) cotton monsters:  (photo borrowed from jen’s blog)

jen uses all recycled clothing and linens to make her monsters, and they couldn’t be cooler. 

my friend supamb, who makes many, many things from materials thrifted and otherwise saved from demise.  she also just gave me a treasure trove of fabric, which has only made me love her more.  Check out her recent post on how to make a lunch bag that mimics a plastic grocery bag without ending up in a landfill.  she also made nearly a whole maternity wardrobe out of some thrifted sheets, including this one, which i think was my favorite. 

and in the department of people i know only from the internet, meet luckybeans, who in addition to inspiring me in the motherhood and dealing with adversity department, is such an excellent sewer/maker of things.  here are a few photos of a kimono she made for her daughter’s birthday party, which had a japanese theme (photos borrowed, with permisson, from her blog):

the sleeves here have been fashioned from pillowcases. 

sew green is another inspiring eco-blog which currently is discussing the quandary of felting items with the washing machine, and using water responsibly in a draught.  i always just use my hands and scalding hot water in the bathtub, as my new (to me) washing machine only has warm and cold settings (?!), and no load size option. 

lastly, we have blair of wise craft.  blair shares my love of using up a much-loved fabric in many projects, as well as gussy-ing up thrifted shirts.  and make sure to check out her “crafting with kids” category- she always has wonderful hands-on simple craft ideas for kids, great for all of us moms who want to spend time cooking and making things with our kiddos.  a recent project i love is this lunch tote, with attached snack bag- i adore the embroidery label on this! 


(photo borrowed from blog, with permission)

blair’s house is also amazing, i love to escape to the pacific northwest craft blogs for a little ambiance-therapy…

so, there’s the wrap up, here’s hoping your as inspired as i have been by these blogs! 

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  1. Thank you for the shout, darlin’!

    I love the links and photos you chose. I read wise craft but the others are new to me; I can’t wait to check them out.

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