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my baby is five

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dear god, how did this happen?  last year, i wrote about her birth story.  i thought she would be my special needs kid, but it turns out that she’s in the clear and the one i thought i could relax about is struck with special needs at age 3.  sheesh…

birthday!  we started out at church, where the whole choir sang to her.  she loved that part, and told me later it was “the coolest thing ever”.  then we came home, had lunch, and dove into the super yummy gluten/casien free cupcakes i made, with GFCF icing, of course.  autism diet readers: i used a mix from cherrybrook kitchen- super good, and the buttercream icing recipe from Special Diets for Special Kids, but with ghee as the fat instead of margarine.  the icing was to die for.  the cake was ok- i was glad i stuck some gfcf dark chocolate mini-chunks in them right before i baked them (just 3 in each cake).  they gave it the little extra push it needed to take it from someone else’s birthday cake to YOUR birthday cake, if you know what i mean.  and i think you do. 

my child is special needs when it comes to blowing out birthday candles. 

November 07 043

she’s working on it. 

then, we opened the present.   the present came from ms. small foxherself, who for some reason (niceness) decided to include gifts for zander and i as well, and first to open was mr. manboy.  here is a photo play-by-play of the action:

November 07 044

wait, is this an…

November 07 045


November 07 046

November 07 047

November 07 049

for those of you who are not sarah, this is the most adorable stuffed octopus there is.  hands down.  and sarah, in case you didn’t know (and i think you didn’t), this is his new favorite animal, so your timing couldn’t have been better.  he has big love for the tentacle toy.  big love. 

then it was sage’s turn…

November 07 051

November 07 052

November 07 053

November 07 054

November 07 055

mission accomplished. 

she’s named her inky, and no, i don’t know why.  the owl’s name is owl T.  again- ?  they are perfect, and now you all know where to go when you need a special gift for a special someone who happens to be very short.  small fox.  that’s where you go.   i am so cheeky tonight… must finish. 

ok, then we went to the park, according to the birthday lady’s wishes, and played in the leaves.  a perfect day, by all accounts.  i had to leave this one big, cause it’s so nice…

in other news, i finally connected with a local autism supermom, so now i know a lot more about all the DAN! doctors in the vicinity, and all about her kid’s digestive details, and i couldn’t be happier.   more on that as it develops…

also, don’t forget to come to Holiday HEAP!  free hugs at my booth when you mention this ad.  i mean blog.  😉 

nighty night…

i’m it…

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tagged by supa mb, here goes nothin’! 

five random/weird facts about me.  i’ll try not to repeat any from the last time i did this one… there should be plenty of strange facts about me to do about a hundred of these. 

1.  i hate washing dishes with a passion that is unrivaled in any other area of my life.  i don’t know why, and yes, i’ve tried playing music and feeling accomplished when it’s over and done, nothing helps.  hatred with the undying passion. 

2.  i pine away for a former car of mine, the 1989 honda accord lxi.  this is what all cars should be, people.  my friend evan has a similar car (same era, same dashboard, same shifter) and each time i get into it i have to talk to it and give it some sugar.  recently he asked me if i wanted to buy it, and i actually considered it for a few minutes.  such is the love.  it seems strong feelings i have tend not to go away.  ever.  hmmm…

3.  i have had many many jobs in my life including, but not limited to:

-opera singer

-wedding cake decorator

-National Aquarium educator

-nursing temp agency staffer

-doula (just once though, not really a job)

-house painter

-greek restaurant waitress

-college library shelver

4.  i love beets, brussels sprouts, anchovies, and a bunch of other foods most people don’t like.  liverwurst, too.  my dad used to love liverwurst sandwiches with butter. 

5.  i once cut off all my hair, like as in a straight up boy-band-from-the-early-90’s-do, as my hair is pretty curly, on a dare.  from my little sister.  given moments before at the mall outside the hair cuttery.  i think i’ve also pierced my ears on dares.  more than once.  so, if you ever really want me to do something personal-care/appearance related, just dare me.  consider it done. 

this has some rules, and far be it from me to break them:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
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5. Don’t break the chain!

far be it from me, inDEED.  that said, if you are about to be tagged, and you don’t want to do this, please don’t.  i promise i won’t tell the meme overlords. 

i tag:

rachel (i know you just did it, but i DON’T CARE.  that’s just how i roll. also, i stole the jobs one from you.  thanks for the material.)

sarah (pretty sure you just recently did one, too, see above.)



i know, that’s just 4.  deal.  if you’re a meme overlord, i’ve got some lovely cupcakes to appease you.  call me. 

thanksgiving!  you’re never going to believe this, but we ate a turkey!  i know!  and i took a really crappy photo of it to show the internet, because otherwise it just wouldn’t be thanksgiving. 


we took some family photos, some good:

some, never meant to be:

and trisha, i know you’re going to give me a hard time about posting this, but it is the perfect family photo, and i am in love with it.  i would totally have its babies within a caring and committed relationship.  your expression is PRICELESS- every mother’s identifying with that face- it says, “i told you he hasn’t had his nap and this was a BAD idea.  i told you.  not responsible over here, that’s all i’m sayin.”  also, your son is insanely tall.  also, look how sage’s socks match your daughter’s shirt!  ok, i’ma just call you.  sorry everyone. 

then, we visited santa bob.  i talked about him last year.  he is perfect as always, although zander couldn’t be convinced, as you can see here:

geez mom, are we gonna see this dude every year? 

m’kay, i think you’re all up to speed.  there’s a bit more at my flickr page, if you’re feeling like you need more of my life to get you through.  i understand.  i do. 

special five year old birthday goodness on our next episode…

jury service is your right

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yes, folks, here i am blogging from the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse in beautiful downtown Baltimore City!  i am torn here in jury service mode- i don’t want to have to find childcare should i be chosen, but i really want to serve.  i think i still hope to be dismissed…

anyway, this gives me the chance to update you on what’s been happening, as i haven’t had a moment to breathe (or shave my legs, or anything) lately.  we’ve started the “autism diet”- it’s going better than i had expected, the kids don’t seem to mind much, and i don’t either.  i know i seemed to have reservations in the last post, but i read the book ‘special diets for special kids’, by lisa lewis, and reading about her son’s story in the first section was like reading a story about my son.  she had her son allergy tested, which was going to be my next step, but the tests for him came back negative.  she tried the diet anyway, feeling like it was something she could at least try (and i so understand that feeling- it’s better than general helplessness), and his language improved dramatically, along with other behavioral improvements.   i feel improved as well- a bit lighter- not as weighed down with digestion, if that makes any sense at all.  i’ve been sneaking some dairy when i’m not with the kids, and i’ve found i almost instantly feel bad again.  everyone who sees zander on a weekly basis has noticed a change in him- his preschool teachers, my administrator at work, my babysitter, the pastor at church… they’ve all commented that he’s been talking more and in longer strings of words- not exactly sentences, but much closer.  none of them knew that i had started the diet, and i have to say i was completely floored by their unsolicited reacions.  i had to go into my neighborhood elementary school this week to discuss the upcoming IEP meeting, and the team leader said she wasn’t sure he needed all the services i was pushing for.  i disagree, of course, but it was sort of nice to hear her say that.  i could go into the city and how insanely backwards they’ve been about this whole process (and still are), but if you live here, you likely already have dealt with that yourself.  if you don’t live here, it’s a big-city, underfunded, failing bureaucracy, you can imagine.  

i am hosting my family, which will make 11 in all, for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  right, stuck here at jury duty today, hosting 11 at my yet-to-be-prepped home.  <deep breath>  i’m making the turkey, GF/CF corn pudding, GF/CF pumpkin crisp, and green peas with bacon and onions.  if anyone has any recipes/suggestions, i would appreciate them- i’m also tossing around the idea of writing a cookbook for this diet- there aren’t many out there, certainly not any you’d want to read like i usually read cookbooks- no photos, no cohesive sections, no indexes (?!)…  i’m considering it, in all my free time <snort>. 

i’ve been making a lot of things for the upcoming mafia show (click on that big blue banner on the left sidebar), including upholstered trees,

i’ve enlisted my friend rachel to help me with these card sets, printed from images of my work…

 work photos 017tree card 2

i’ve also got baby hats, holiday ornaments, barrettes, necklaces, bracelets, grown-up hats, mirrors, art quilts, and mini-collages that i am so psyched about… please come, and say hi at my table!  and, don’t worry, if you live in, say, Iowa, and can’t come, I’ll be updating my etsy shop with all the leftovers… 😉  i’ll also be donating 10% of all my holiday sales to the local autism group- pathfinders for autism

ok, gonna go catch up on my blog reading, now that i’ve caught up with my blog writing… have a peaceful, happy thanksgiving! 

i know, it’s supposed to be a craft blog.

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but, i have to talk somewhere. 

so, i’ve now spoken with a few knowledgeable people who think that the gluten-free, casein-free diet (from hell) is not a must.  i am going to have z’s blood tested for those allergies before i spend all my money and sanity on the diet. 

in other news, i won a small battle with the city today, and i’ve been informed that they will, indeed, abide by the crystal-clear and strictly enforced law stating that my child gets free services for his diagnosed disorder.  and to think, all i had to do was threaten to call a laywer.  then, in a moment that can only be described as perfect, i opened the mailbox to find a summons for jury duty.  ah, legalistic society… i invoke your name only to burned by my own responsibilities…

in other news, crafting is happening, at an amazing rate, but as yet i have no photographic evidence of this.  i will get on that.  will do. truly…