jury service is your right

yes, folks, here i am blogging from the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse in beautiful downtown Baltimore City!  i am torn here in jury service mode- i don’t want to have to find childcare should i be chosen, but i really want to serve.  i think i still hope to be dismissed…

anyway, this gives me the chance to update you on what’s been happening, as i haven’t had a moment to breathe (or shave my legs, or anything) lately.  we’ve started the “autism diet”- it’s going better than i had expected, the kids don’t seem to mind much, and i don’t either.  i know i seemed to have reservations in the last post, but i read the book ‘special diets for special kids’, by lisa lewis, and reading about her son’s story in the first section was like reading a story about my son.  she had her son allergy tested, which was going to be my next step, but the tests for him came back negative.  she tried the diet anyway, feeling like it was something she could at least try (and i so understand that feeling- it’s better than general helplessness), and his language improved dramatically, along with other behavioral improvements.   i feel improved as well- a bit lighter- not as weighed down with digestion, if that makes any sense at all.  i’ve been sneaking some dairy when i’m not with the kids, and i’ve found i almost instantly feel bad again.  everyone who sees zander on a weekly basis has noticed a change in him- his preschool teachers, my administrator at work, my babysitter, the pastor at church… they’ve all commented that he’s been talking more and in longer strings of words- not exactly sentences, but much closer.  none of them knew that i had started the diet, and i have to say i was completely floored by their unsolicited reacions.  i had to go into my neighborhood elementary school this week to discuss the upcoming IEP meeting, and the team leader said she wasn’t sure he needed all the services i was pushing for.  i disagree, of course, but it was sort of nice to hear her say that.  i could go into the city and how insanely backwards they’ve been about this whole process (and still are), but if you live here, you likely already have dealt with that yourself.  if you don’t live here, it’s a big-city, underfunded, failing bureaucracy, you can imagine.  

i am hosting my family, which will make 11 in all, for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  right, stuck here at jury duty today, hosting 11 at my yet-to-be-prepped home.  <deep breath>  i’m making the turkey, GF/CF corn pudding, GF/CF pumpkin crisp, and green peas with bacon and onions.  if anyone has any recipes/suggestions, i would appreciate them- i’m also tossing around the idea of writing a cookbook for this diet- there aren’t many out there, certainly not any you’d want to read like i usually read cookbooks- no photos, no cohesive sections, no indexes (?!)…  i’m considering it, in all my free time <snort>. 

i’ve been making a lot of things for the upcoming mafia show (click on that big blue banner on the left sidebar), including upholstered trees,

i’ve enlisted my friend rachel to help me with these card sets, printed from images of my work…

 work photos 017tree card 2

i’ve also got baby hats, holiday ornaments, barrettes, necklaces, bracelets, grown-up hats, mirrors, art quilts, and mini-collages that i am so psyched about… please come, and say hi at my table!  and, don’t worry, if you live in, say, Iowa, and can’t come, I’ll be updating my etsy shop with all the leftovers… 😉  i’ll also be donating 10% of all my holiday sales to the local autism group- pathfinders for autism

ok, gonna go catch up on my blog reading, now that i’ve caught up with my blog writing… have a peaceful, happy thanksgiving! 


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  1. I’m so glad the diet is working for you! I can’t wait to see if Sage likes her present… and you and Zander too!

  2. How very creative you are.

    I’m afraid we’re nowhere near as far ahead as you on the diet front.

    Best wishes

  3. glad the diet is going well!

    saw Holiday Heap in the paper today — sounds like it’s going to be a blast.

    tag: http://supamb.com/supafine/2007/11/24/ahem-a-meme/

    have a good weekend, dearie.

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