my baby is five

dear god, how did this happen?  last year, i wrote about her birth story.  i thought she would be my special needs kid, but it turns out that she’s in the clear and the one i thought i could relax about is struck with special needs at age 3.  sheesh…

birthday!  we started out at church, where the whole choir sang to her.  she loved that part, and told me later it was “the coolest thing ever”.  then we came home, had lunch, and dove into the super yummy gluten/casien free cupcakes i made, with GFCF icing, of course.  autism diet readers: i used a mix from cherrybrook kitchen- super good, and the buttercream icing recipe from Special Diets for Special Kids, but with ghee as the fat instead of margarine.  the icing was to die for.  the cake was ok- i was glad i stuck some gfcf dark chocolate mini-chunks in them right before i baked them (just 3 in each cake).  they gave it the little extra push it needed to take it from someone else’s birthday cake to YOUR birthday cake, if you know what i mean.  and i think you do. 

my child is special needs when it comes to blowing out birthday candles. 

November 07 043

she’s working on it. 

then, we opened the present.   the present came from ms. small foxherself, who for some reason (niceness) decided to include gifts for zander and i as well, and first to open was mr. manboy.  here is a photo play-by-play of the action:

November 07 044

wait, is this an…

November 07 045


November 07 046

November 07 047

November 07 049

for those of you who are not sarah, this is the most adorable stuffed octopus there is.  hands down.  and sarah, in case you didn’t know (and i think you didn’t), this is his new favorite animal, so your timing couldn’t have been better.  he has big love for the tentacle toy.  big love. 

then it was sage’s turn…

November 07 051

November 07 052

November 07 053

November 07 054

November 07 055

mission accomplished. 

she’s named her inky, and no, i don’t know why.  the owl’s name is owl T.  again- ?  they are perfect, and now you all know where to go when you need a special gift for a special someone who happens to be very short.  small fox.  that’s where you go.   i am so cheeky tonight… must finish. 

ok, then we went to the park, according to the birthday lady’s wishes, and played in the leaves.  a perfect day, by all accounts.  i had to leave this one big, cause it’s so nice…

in other news, i finally connected with a local autism supermom, so now i know a lot more about all the DAN! doctors in the vicinity, and all about her kid’s digestive details, and i couldn’t be happier.   more on that as it develops…

also, don’t forget to come to Holiday HEAP!  free hugs at my booth when you mention this ad.  i mean blog.  😉 

nighty night…

4 Responses to “my baby is five”

  1. beartwinsmom Says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all. 🙂 It’s bittersweet how fast time goes with our kids, isn’t it?

    Loved reading about the awesome special day! You’re a great photographer, too.

    I’m glad to find another mom who’s blogging about her special needs child. 🙂 I have 6 year old twin boys, one of which is on the autism spectrum.

    Have a great day!!


  2. YAY! I had no idea that Zander was into Octopi, I just had them and thought they would be really nice and tactile for him. I’m so happy it was a hit. And you’ll have to let me know how it holds up to the love of a youngin’. That way, I know if I need to sew the legs one more or something.

    I’m sending a link to this post to my mom, so she can see the love. It made me teary, seeing Sage hug the things I had made with her in mind. The last two of Sage just killed me!

    And the fact that you linked to my blog like 57 times made me laugh. Thank you so much, Heather.

  3. We have problems with blowing out candles too, [lip closure amongst other things]
    Best wishes and many happy returns of the day

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    (glad to hear you are building your support group 🙂 )

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