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new year’s gem

Posted in life in general on December 31, 2007 by askthesky

sage and i have been sitting here at the computer, catching up on craft blogs and discussing the best things about our special new year’s eve dessert (a tiny yellow cake with dark chocolate icing). 

 sage: “so, what do we do tomorrow?”

me: “well, we’ll have a nice breakfast of butternut squash pancakes, and then maybe we’ll go for a nice long walk.”

s: “oh, yes, let’s do that, i think.  can we go to the dog park?”

m: “sure, we can go there.  then, later, we’ll eat some lentils and sausages, because that’s what you do when you’re italian, and we’re italian.”

s: “no, mom.  i don’t want to be italian at all.”

m: “what do you mean?  you can’t really change that, i’m afraid.”

s: “no, i just want to stay a meat eater, ok?”

happy 2008! 


merry merry merry

Posted in musings on December 22, 2007 by askthesky

happy holidays, everyone.  i hope you’re spending time with loved ones, not feeling too commercial, good stuff.  feeling good. 

i’m working on that, too.  the commercial part is pretty easy when you have little money.  everyone’s getting homemade presents, and the kids are getting one big present from me.  they’ll be spoiled beyond belief by all their other family anyway. 

zander has been pretty ancy (sp?) lately.  i think he’s taking a cue from my stress.  i’m working on making time for myself, and not just to read more message boards, books, and blog posts about autism.  i need to unwind just for me, as i can see how it’s affecting him. 

we’ve just begun some glutathione cream with him, as well, if you’re an autism mom, and have used this, any tips in the comments would be most appreciated (i.e.- morning or night?  tops of feet, or someplace else?). 

merry christmas everyone.  see you on the other side. 


Posted in autism, life in general, musings, PDD-NOS on December 13, 2007 by askthesky

hey everyone.  i love all the christmassy cheer i’m seeing on everyone’s blogs, and i especially love how honest everyone has been about feeling stressed, and not getting all their handcrafted gifts crossed off the list just yet. 

we’ve been cheery around here, too, although i have no pictures no prove it.  i’ve gotten a few of my church responsibilities for the season crossed off the list, i’m almost finished craft shows for the month, and i’ve got all my plans laid for the family visiting. 

still, most days i feel like all i do is cook, wash dishes, and soothe a screaming, yeast-die-off boy.  oh, and protect his sister from his wrath.  that’s a big one.  i know it will pass, but it is truly the hardest thing to watch your child obviously in pain and be able to do nothing to ease that pain.  i got him started on enzymes, olive leaf extract, cod liver oil, b-12, spectrum support multivitamins, grapefruit seed extract… there’s about 4 or 5 more things, but i’m not remembering them all right now.  i was so lucky to meet a local autism super mom (thanks, patricia!) who’s supplied me with all these things and the guidance i needed to get them all started.  it’s mind-boggling, people. 

zander’s iep meeting is tomorrow morning, and i’m hoping it will be uneventful, and he’ll get the placement i want for him.  i’m going to ask for home ABA programming, too, but i’m less sure we’ll get that. 

he’s still going strong on the diet, as are sage and i- i actually thought i’d let sage eat “regular” food at our Christmas dinner last week (lasagna and garlic bread- the worst possible meal!), and i did, too, and boy- did we ever pay for it.  no more infractions for us- poor sage looked as though she had two black eyes the next day, and we both felt like crap.  they are still have infractions at theid dad’s house, and i’m hearing arguments right now for (and against, in my own head) keeping them with me full time and/or sending all their food with them (which wouldn’t exactly solve the problem anyway). 

oh, also, my landlord (remember how i just moved into a rental in September?) called me the other day to tell me that she’s putting the house back on the market with a realtor, and she’s found 3 interested parties.  she wanted to know if i wanted to be included in the interested parties.  she’s asking way too much for this house, with all its shoddy rehab-related quirks.  i do not want to move again.  do.  not.  want. 

we also signed up to deliver for meals on wheels this week, which starts later today.  i’ve always found it easier to get out of my own pity party by helping others.  sage is really excited about it, too. 

so, wrap up- things are hard, things are good, things are moving.  i think that’s about all i could hope for at this point.  right?