merry merry merry

happy holidays, everyone.  i hope you’re spending time with loved ones, not feeling too commercial, good stuff.  feeling good. 

i’m working on that, too.  the commercial part is pretty easy when you have little money.  everyone’s getting homemade presents, and the kids are getting one big present from me.  they’ll be spoiled beyond belief by all their other family anyway. 

zander has been pretty ancy (sp?) lately.  i think he’s taking a cue from my stress.  i’m working on making time for myself, and not just to read more message boards, books, and blog posts about autism.  i need to unwind just for me, as i can see how it’s affecting him. 

we’ve just begun some glutathione cream with him, as well, if you’re an autism mom, and have used this, any tips in the comments would be most appreciated (i.e.- morning or night?  tops of feet, or someplace else?). 

merry christmas everyone.  see you on the other side. 

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  1. Yes I think maybe we’re all guilty of simply not breathing enough…..ommmmm

  2. girl!!!!!! first of all its been way to long. second of all i miss you all. third of all i’ll be home by 1/2 so whenever you need some free time give me a ring. i have off until the end of jan so you know you better call me or i’ll take immediate action… you especially need to redeem that 1 free hour of babysitting!!!! i hope your holidays go great and give both of them a hug for me!!!!!!

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