new year’s gem

sage and i have been sitting here at the computer, catching up on craft blogs and discussing the best things about our special new year’s eve dessert (a tiny yellow cake with dark chocolate icing). 

 sage: “so, what do we do tomorrow?”

me: “well, we’ll have a nice breakfast of butternut squash pancakes, and then maybe we’ll go for a nice long walk.”

s: “oh, yes, let’s do that, i think.  can we go to the dog park?”

m: “sure, we can go there.  then, later, we’ll eat some lentils and sausages, because that’s what you do when you’re italian, and we’re italian.”

s: “no, mom.  i don’t want to be italian at all.”

m: “what do you mean?  you can’t really change that, i’m afraid.”

s: “no, i just want to stay a meat eater, ok?”

happy 2008! 

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  1. I love her. I do.

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