bulls eye!

Yesterday, I was on the phone with my friend Fatima.  We were talking about life, and she said she wanted things in my etsy shop so she could buy them.  I love Fatima. 

The problem is, my everyday drudgery is keeping me from working- I even have pieces made, but it’s not as quick as it seems to list on etsy.  At least, not for me.  Most of what I make is in its own category, with its own description, etc.  So, I ask ye crafters in the bunch, how do you streamline this process?  I’ve thought about writing general copy and saving it in a Word file… ?  I am hopeless in this capacity!  Any comments would be greatly appreciated. 

BUT!  I did complete some crafting (sort of) yesterday, inspired by the Teemers.  Sage has this adorable apple green pair of pants (hand-me-downs, of course) that were ready to retire to Florida- they’d had a good life, made good investment choices, etc.  I thought I’d patch them to buy a few more months out of them.  I don’t support ageism. 


I had some great scraps gifted from one of my mafia pals (thanks, Becca!), including this mod canvas that I thought would be perfect.  I am loving spring green with bright pinks lately- perhaps my friend Kristen’s wedding colors are bleeding into my palette awareness. 

Hooray, I finished something!  More cooking/reviewing to come later this week.  Happy MLK day! 

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  1. If I’m loading a bunch of the same type of thing, I just open as many tabs as I have items to load and do it all at once. That way, I can copy and paste. But it’s still a rather labor intensive process.

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