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Lead balloon

Posted in autism, life in general, musings, PDD-NOS on February 20, 2008 by askthesky

Hello there.   I’ve just been hemming and hawing about sharing this info I’ve recently acquired, and I’ve come to the conclusion that changes are afoot, and I’d like to explain them before they’re all here. 

Zander’s autism specialist has brought to my attention the problems she’s found in his body.  Among them is an extremely high level of lead toxicity (not lead poisoning in the blood, rather in the tissue- it’s actually worse than in the blood), and a pair of super intense infections, bacterial and yeast.  The Dr. thinks that the lead has come from the water in our house, as we don’t seem to have any lead paint.  I’ve ordered a kit to test the water, and in the meantime, I suppose we’ll need to use bottled water to drink and cook with, and install a shower filter to fill the bath with.  I’m looking to buy a house now, so that if I need to install a whole-house water filtration system, at least we’ll be able to reap the benefits fully. 

My little man will also need to go on 2 long courses of medication to knock out these infections, all told about 2 months’ worth, then we can start chelating to remove the lead.  All of this is going to be extra tough on him physically, and I’ve been told to expect the worse as for as regression, physical symptoms, and behavior. 

SO.  While I’m so grateful to know what’s going on in his body, this is pretty overwhelming.  I have a plan, I have support, but still, it’s hard not to shut down in my head when I think about it.  I just keep imagining how his brain might work without a poisonous level of metal.  How well his intestines might be able to do their jobs if they weren’t fighting a losing battle with multiple enemy armies. 

How maybe, someday, he’ll say “I love you, mama.” 

Gotta keep hoping, and moving, and talking.  Thanks for listening. 

finally made it to the IN crowd!

Posted in crafting on February 15, 2008 by askthesky

I got my Ravelry invitation!  WHEEE!! 


If you’re on there, how do I find you?  Please assist!  I’m hvmdesigns. 

Hooray!  If you’re not on there, and you knit/crochet, get your name on the list- it doesn’t take very long at all for your invitation to come up! 

ah, blog.

Posted in charm city craft mafia, crafting, musings on February 13, 2008 by askthesky

Hello there, you pretty little blog, in all your neglected glory. 

Long abscence, thy name is stomach flu.  We’ve all been passing it around for a few weeks, which has just been a blast.  I mean, as plagues go, this one was a real party.  But, as always, the good times had to end.  Thank God. 

So, back to business.  I have been working on some new mirrors for a shop update and maybe some retail, if I can get my act together, and in doing so have stumbled upon a great idea that has commanded all the creative thought power of my brain for at least 3 days.  Which is a lot, for me.  That’s all I’m going to say about it for now.  I know.  CLIFFHANGER!  Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Heather’s Big IDEEEEEAAAAAA. 

Hey!  If you live around here, consider signing up for one of my awesome classes at the yarn shop!  Or, if you live far, fly in for one of my classes at the yarn shop!  I’ll bring you some home-baked gluten free dairy free yum yums if you do that!  And a big, sloppy kiss! 

(scroll down on the page and look for Heather- the classes are kid’s crochet and baby ball) 

MMMMM’kay… also!  I will be guest blogging here later this week (tomorrow) about stores in Hampden (my ‘hood) who carry mafia members’ work.  It will include tips from shop owners on how to strike into the retail market.  My fellow mafioso have been adding some really awesome content over there, so do check it out.  Yo.

Later, dudes.  ‘Cause you’re all surfers in my head. 

Look what I did!

Posted in crafting on February 5, 2008 by askthesky

ETSY shop update!  Woo-hoo!   Go me! 

There’s more to come on Friday, including postcard sets and baby hats! 


Posted in life in general on February 3, 2008 by askthesky

Ugh.  Zander and I are down again with some sort of flu-type bug.  I wish I could write some witty banter here to keep you entertained, but I need all my energy to cook all the food for today and wash the dishes.  Please, powers that be, heal us before tomorrow morning so that Zander can go to school, because I am convinced I shall never be well without some sort of break. 

I have a draft product review and mafia guest blogging this week, should the atmospheric conditions of heavy brain fog clear… stay tuned!