ah, blog.

Hello there, you pretty little blog, in all your neglected glory. 

Long abscence, thy name is stomach flu.  We’ve all been passing it around for a few weeks, which has just been a blast.  I mean, as plagues go, this one was a real party.  But, as always, the good times had to end.  Thank God. 

So, back to business.  I have been working on some new mirrors for a shop update and maybe some retail, if I can get my act together, and in doing so have stumbled upon a great idea that has commanded all the creative thought power of my brain for at least 3 days.  Which is a lot, for me.  That’s all I’m going to say about it for now.  I know.  CLIFFHANGER!  Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Heather’s Big IDEEEEEAAAAAA. 

Hey!  If you live around here, consider signing up for one of my awesome classes at the yarn shop!  Or, if you live far, fly in for one of my classes at the yarn shop!  I’ll bring you some home-baked gluten free dairy free yum yums if you do that!  And a big, sloppy kiss! 

(scroll down on the page and look for Heather- the classes are kid’s crochet and baby ball) 

MMMMM’kay… also!  I will be guest blogging here later this week (tomorrow) about stores in Hampden (my ‘hood) who carry mafia members’ work.  It will include tips from shop owners on how to strike into the retail market.  My fellow mafioso have been adding some really awesome content over there, so do check it out.  Yo.

Later, dudes.  ‘Cause you’re all surfers in my head. 

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  1. flu is not fun!! hope things are getting healthier in your home 🙂

  2. […] the secret big idea?  I’m nearly 3/4ths of the way through it… big reveal this week, […]

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