Lead balloon

Hello there.   I’ve just been hemming and hawing about sharing this info I’ve recently acquired, and I’ve come to the conclusion that changes are afoot, and I’d like to explain them before they’re all here. 

Zander’s autism specialist has brought to my attention the problems she’s found in his body.  Among them is an extremely high level of lead toxicity (not lead poisoning in the blood, rather in the tissue- it’s actually worse than in the blood), and a pair of super intense infections, bacterial and yeast.  The Dr. thinks that the lead has come from the water in our house, as we don’t seem to have any lead paint.  I’ve ordered a kit to test the water, and in the meantime, I suppose we’ll need to use bottled water to drink and cook with, and install a shower filter to fill the bath with.  I’m looking to buy a house now, so that if I need to install a whole-house water filtration system, at least we’ll be able to reap the benefits fully. 

My little man will also need to go on 2 long courses of medication to knock out these infections, all told about 2 months’ worth, then we can start chelating to remove the lead.  All of this is going to be extra tough on him physically, and I’ve been told to expect the worse as for as regression, physical symptoms, and behavior. 

SO.  While I’m so grateful to know what’s going on in his body, this is pretty overwhelming.  I have a plan, I have support, but still, it’s hard not to shut down in my head when I think about it.  I just keep imagining how his brain might work without a poisonous level of metal.  How well his intestines might be able to do their jobs if they weren’t fighting a losing battle with multiple enemy armies. 

How maybe, someday, he’ll say “I love you, mama.” 

Gotta keep hoping, and moving, and talking.  Thanks for listening. 

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  1. Did you and Sage get tested?! I wanted to be all sweet and huggy right off the bat, but I’m too worried about the rest of you. Can your doctor tell how long the lead poisoning has been going on? Since you moved semi-recently, I’m just wondering if the problem is at your old house.

  2. We did not get tested, yet. I intend to have Sage’s hair run.

    The thing about it is not that we have a toxic level in our house (at least, we don’t think so), but rather that his body can’t process a “normal” level of metals like those of us with fully functioning immune systems.

    The hair test shows a snapshot of the past 3 months, so it’s got to be this house. She said with a level this high, it’s got to be something he’s exposed to on a regular basis.

  3. lookingforlifeshumor Says:

    I will never ever forget the day that my Autistic son said “I love you”. He was four. I cried my eyes out. It will come… someday, somehow, he will articulate to you in no uncertain terms (typed? spoken? signed?) that he loves you. Take care and hang in there – Peace!

  4. Praying for you, H!

  5. hang in there. let me know if i can help.

  6. Alice from GASP Says:

    Our thoughts are with you I will be at the stitch and bitch to support in any way

  7. Laura-Lynn Says:

    Since he is going to be on such long doses of antibotics and he also has a yeast situation, you should ask your doctor about putting him on acidophilus (refrigerated is best). The antibiotics wipe out all bacteria in the gut, good and bad, so the acidophilus helps replenish the good bacteria. When I was on a long antibiotic treatment for Lyme, the acidophilus keep me from getting yeast infections and diarrhea. It was very helpful. Just a thought.
    Wishing you all the best and positive energy!

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