still a mystery

Ok.  I got the water test back, and now I’m really confused.  It wasn’t zero, but it wasn’t enough to cause this kind of lead level, either.  I am honestly not sure what to think, or do, about it now, other than follow the protocol for chelation and hope the exposure has ended.   I’m not one for blind hope, though.  It’s really troubling me. 

We’ve had some really lovely weather the past day and a half, although now the cold front is moving through and bringing the rain along with it.  Sage and I stepped out the door this morning and she took a big sniff in before exclaiming, “It still smells like warm!”  And you know what, it did smell like warm.  Just like warm, in fact.  We are ready for Spring. 

I ran into an old friend today, and remembered how nice it is to catch up with someone you’ve not seen in quite a while, especially when they are the kind of person who was sorely missed while they were gone.  We had a nice talk, then Sage came in, regaling our guest with detailed (and by that, I mean, more detailed than any person without children is ready to hear) accounts of her recent stomach flu.  Luckily, he’s a good sport. 

I have to admit feeling really overwhelmed lately.  I have a lot going on at work with Lent and Easter just around the corner, the next mafia show is creeping up on us, obviously all this Zander stuff is eating away at me, and I’m still really pining away for a little piece of life that’s just a relieving force for me.  It’s hard to see that place right now, and I honestly don’t know exactly what it would look like, but I think I’ll know it when it presents itself.  Why does living in the moment feel so strenuous sometimes? 

I am really loving my ipod right now, this and this (I think I have that very tiny piano in my living room) are getting a lot of play, as well as my man Mason

It’s nine pm, and I’m going to bed.  My brain is tired and my chest is tight.  My feet are “sparkling”, as Sage says when they fall asleep.  I kind of feel like my whole body is sparkling right now.  And, I’m rambling.  Goodnight, my internets. 

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  1. Does the Z-man go to day care or any where else where he may have been exposed? A stay with a relative, perhaps? OH! Did their dad get his water checked? Maybe it’s coming from his house?

    I wish I lived closer, so that I could come over and give you a hug and tuck your sparkley self into bed, but you’ll just have to be satisfied with an internet hug. *HUG*

  2. christina Says:

    i’d wait until tonight to scream about how great sage’s use of sparkley is… but i can’t. AMAZING

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