this morning in the car…

Sage: Mom? 

Me: Mmm hmmm?

S: How far away is outer space, really? 

M: It’s really far, a few miles up from the earth, but I don’t know the exact distance off the top of my head. 

S: Is that farther away than heaven? 

M: <stammering> duh… uh…heh… 

What would you have answered that (BRILLIANT) question with?  I think I managed something like, we don’t really know, b/c we aren’t there yet, and we can’t ask the people who are there, so we have to wait and see. 

Easy 7:45am conversation, right? 


**In towners, make sure to drop by ye olde yarn shoppe tomorrow for the fundraiser- the birthday boy will be there around 3pm.  Pictures to follow!**

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  1. When in doubt, always reply with, “What do you think?” Works every time!

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