the chinese got it right.

I was reading a post from one of my GFCFSF diet autism moms today about how she was watching her son play, and realizing how “autistic” he was that day.  She said it so well- you know your kid has autism, but it’s still your child, it’s not that you forget, but sometimes you blur the line between their personality and their autistic traits, out of self-preservation, maybe.  Anyway, I’ve been feeling like that this week, too.  We’ve had a lot of violence, and more at school that’s new- directed towards his classmates in addition to his teachers.  It’s just exhausting, this. 

At the end of the post I just mentioned was this quote, and while I’m not sure it’s true, and I don’t speak Chinese, I love it too much to research it and find that it’s not accurate-

“Perserverance: to continue on with a knife in your heart.”  -Chinese language

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