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thursday brings…

Posted in musings on July 31, 2008 by askthesky

Popsicles… actually, these were Wednesday Popsicles. check for the molds at target- they’re meant to be stirred into a drink, but i thought they’d be great for my kids, who tend to eat Popsicles like corn on the cob. they make a skinny pop that’s easy peasy to get your mouth around. they’re small enough to use up the end of the juice (or coconut milk, like these). just freeze- they pop out easily, go down smooth and cold on a chokingly humid day.

i recently had another chokingly humid experience, at this year’s Artscape festival. it was less than comfortable, but the company was excellent in the mafia tent, and now i can forgo my monthly spa steam bath, so that’s a plus.


 wanna see my table setup? you do???

this is the only photo i took the whole weekend… on the left, you can see some of my tree mirrors, some hanging embroideries, then closer to the middle is a little display of earrings (speaking of which, i need a jewelery rack, does anyone have one they need to get rid of?), then over on the right hand ikea tree there are some flower barrettes, hanging around the caterpillar plaques, just above the basket of correspondence cards. continuing right, there’s my hanging art quilt, and scattered on the table were some flower pins, which i displayed on a little baby straw hat from julia. thanks, julia! the actual sales experience was a little mixed- the things i thought would go like gangbusters (earrings) didn’t really- i think i sold one pair, while other things that seemed too wintry to me (flower pins) sold pretty well. anyway, some of these lovely items will make it into an etsy shop update in the second week of august, the rest will be squirrelled away for a show coming up in September.

after the sweat bath and stress fest that was artscape, we mafioso decided to do it up right with a bbq at ali’s. much fun was had by all, and no flash was used by me, so excuse the shake in these…

jen of cotton monster fame

jen of cotton monster fame

rachel and phil of red prairie press

rachel and phil of red prairie press

adorable mafia significant others

adorable mafia significant others

some of our newest members!

some of our newest members!


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sigh, double sigh.

Posted in musings on July 27, 2008 by askthesky

you know what bugs me?  when people abandon their blogs for way too long a time, and then come back out of knowhere and start writing as though they’d never left. 

you know what else bugs me?  people who leave their blogs adrift for an extended abscence and then go on and on about how busy/ill/tired/stuck on a tropical island they’ve been during the abscence. 

you know what else bugs me?  typing, as i have somehow inflicted the worst kind of sprain on my left hand known in this earth. 

i’m a little bugged.  to spare you from my senseless ranting, here are some things that have not been bugging me in anyway.  they’re my de-buggers, if you will. 

super adorable screenprinters:

here is the dress i would buy, if they gave you dresses for singing, or looking pathetic, or anything other than handing over cash money.  i think you should buy it.  check out that markdown! 

Spotty Tea Dress

hey, you!  if you ever damage a part of your body that is pretty much essential for everything in life right before the baby shower of a dear friend, thus removing the possibility of finishing that thoughtful, handmade gift in time, i suggest the following!


biggs & featherbelle gift set

red prairie press adorable elephant onesie (click through and look at all the faboo things you can buy from rachel and phil.  then buy them.) 

back to the pain meds bottle…