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My crafty family, the charm city craft mafia, has announced the date for this year’s Holiday Heap craft show of awesomeness, and applications are posted!  Check here to apply, and good luck to you!  I want to send a shout-out to my girl Rachel, of Red Prairie Press.  Some people work like dogs all the time to get the job done, and don’t get a whole lot of shouting-out, you know?  Holla!  Rach!  Woop!  By the way, this is my new favorite shirt

Other family happenings include the 20 hour drive that brought my children home from Florida just ahead of the threatening storm that ended up to be kind of a flop, thank GOD.  They got in at 11pm last night, and are still asleep at their Dad’s whilst I type this.  I might have to go over there and nibble on them in their beds, such is my longing.  They were gone almost three eternities weeks. 

School starts on Monday, and while I didn’t have to do a ton of shopping, I did have to get Sage some jumbo glue sticks and a red folder, so of course that warranted buying some school supplies for me.  Ahem.  I got a lunch-on-the-go box from Fit &Fresh (at Target, it’s about a dollar cheaper than on that site), and a Snapware box.  These are both for my upcoming trip to California next week for my friend Kristen’s wedding.  It’s hard enough to fly cross-country and feed yourself well, but add in the gluten and casein restrictions, and it’s nearly impossible.  So, I’m taking a tip from one of my favorite blogs, and packing two and a half big lunches to take with me.  I mean, wouldn’t you rather have this than a tiny bag of pretzels? 

Disposable airplane lunch

YUM.  Well, minus the bread and the cheese.  Everything else, YUM. 

Next: I think I have to move, again.  I’m not sure what’s happening, or what will happen, but the house we’ve been renting for a year is going into foreclosure, and although I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m shut out of the process, so I don’t know anything about a timetable, or what’s owed on the loan, or anything.  This makes me nervous.  So, I’m looking into options now.  If you live locally and know of anything less than $200K for sale in the greater Hampden area, or if you have a Grandma who’s ready to move into the nursing home and sell her house to a very nice single mom and her angelic children for a song, or if you’ve got a really big cardboard box with a flush toilet, let me know. 

Kidding about the box.  Although, it would make a great fort, so never mind- box havers, speak up.

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  1. christinam Says:

    i texted you today. hope you got it. no pressure on getting back. wish we got to have a girls night but maybe soon when erich has the kids? if not like i said some great dinner. i’m thinking polenta i just had it tonight and fell in love again. what are those yummy fake chunks of cheese? to a non cheese eater you know the fake kind secretly is appealing.

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