How, truly, is this possible?

My baby started Kindergarten today.  She’s the oldest one in her class, given that premature birth thing.  It’s so cliche, and therefore, so true, that you just can’t imagine that five years have passed since I held her tiny, struggling, three pound body in one of my hands. 

This morning, she was up before dawn, dressed in her chosen outfit from the night before, barrettes laid out, chomping at the bit.  I am so excited for her to have actual schoolwork to do, classmates to report on, and a teacher who seems so far like the definitive Kindergarten teacher (soft spoken, yet enthusiastic, young, yet experienced…). 

Oh, Sage.  I am looking forward to seeing how far you can go, whatever the direction you choose.  Rock on, little one.   

Zander officially starts tomorrow, although he donned his backpack and came along to take Sage, so it felt like his first day, too.  Then for 2 hours (today was just sort of a get-into-the-swing-of-things day), he asked me where Sage went.  They’re a bit inseparable lately, and I love it. 

2 Responses to “How, truly, is this possible?”

  1. Dear Sage:
    just kidding DOCTOR!!!!! LAWYER!!!!!! MONEYMAKER!!!!!
    just kidding: Artist.

  2. christinam Says:

    yea she’ll be an artist, or a scientist, or a really sassy lawyer, or… or…!!

    how cute that zander asked where sage went. i can imagine how much that twisted your heart when he asked. so inseperable.

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