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If you are Fluffy Windover, kindly ignore this post.

Posted in musings on September 22, 2008 by askthesky

I mean it, Fluff- spoiler ALERT!!! 

Zander mander is home sick today, which is sad to see his little sick face all sick and sad, yet nice, as I am stuck home doing much needed laundry.  And blog posting!  And dish washing!  Wheeee! 

What stinks about the housebound day is that I was supposed to go over to Fluffy’s to see her new baby.  I have presents for said baby, including the awesomest amigurumi friend I have ever made.  In my life.  For reals. 

What’s that?

You wanna see him? 


This guy is based on a photo from one of my amigurumi books, and it might be very close to the actual pattern, although I couldn’t be bothered with actually following the pattern to the letter.  I just can’t be bothered.  Bothering gets you nowhere with me, patterns. 

Now, I did bother myself recently with another amigurumi pattern, one that I did write down, and test, and made into a kit!  Have a look at the little guys, and let me know what you think.  I’ve got them at Lovelyarns for sure, and I’m debating whether or not I should sell them in my etsy shop.  Thoughts? 



Posted in musings on September 6, 2008 by askthesky

I just returned from northern California, redwood country, where my friend K was married.  It was one of the most moving and settling weekends I’ve ever had. 

Mason Jennings (who, by the way, if you read this blog you know I am obsessed with in a healthy, I-love-the-music kind of way, and who was introduced to me by K) has a song called “Big Sur” that starts, “just let the disc play, this is a song to give you hope”.  And, while I realize that K and R didn’t get married just to give me hope, that was the consequence nonetheless. 

These two people are ever so slightly on the older side of never-been-married, and I know for K it was beginning to feel like things were pressing in on her, getting a little more serious.  She’d had some relationships that were good, some that weren’t, like all of us.  Then she met R.  The first weekend after their first date, they were inseparable, and each weekend since, for about the last 2 years.  I’ve been friends with K for over 20 years, and I felt as though each guy she was with (as she lives in LA, and we don’t see each other often) surprised me when I met him- they just never felt right to me.  Something about the way they looked together just didn’t sit well with me.  R fits K.  It’s just undeniable.  Knowing that this is possible, and does happen in real, everyday life, and not just in your favorite movie, gives me a settled, peaceful feeling about my own life that is so satisfying. 

My friend B and I got to stay in a little apartment over someone’s garage- it was a lot lovelier than that sounded- see?  Here’s right outside the front door:

I sang “Ballad for My One True Love”, by the aforementioned Mason Jennings, at the rehearsal dinner:

Here’s one of the ceremony (I borrowed these from my friend B, thanks, B!)- I’m in pink holding the left side of the Huppah:

You can sort of see one of the final flower headpiece thingies on the other huppah holder in green there- and here, on me right before the ceremony began…

Much fun was had by all who attended, but I really can’t describe how moving this wedding was for me.  My best friend, from childhood, who has waited a long time to find this man, who is so well suited to her- it’s just made me so happy.  I love you, K and R!  Hope you’re doing it up right in Bali!