blog redesign!

what do you think of it?  I louuurrrvvve it. 

Here’s the new necklace design I’ve been working on; it’s a free-form crochet pendant with a lariat-style self closure.  This one is mine, because I worked the chain a little strangely, which makes the stitches bunch up unevenly up and down the chain.  Fixed that pretty easily, by working into the foundation rather than over it. 

I’ve got a few more in the works, hopefully I’ll start listing them on Monday.  Oh!  I almost forgot the coolest thing- these are made out of bamboo yarn, which means they’re vegan-friendly, cool to the touch, and super soft!

2 Responses to “blog redesign!”

  1. I love the multicoloured yarn background, but the white lettering is kind of hard to read.

    COOL necklace! That is really creative!

  2. Tell your design guy that the new lettering is MUCH easier to read. 🙂 Y’know, those of us knocking on 40 have a hard time seeing sometimes… 😉 The font and the drop shadow makes it pop out really nice. Kudos to you!!!

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