Blog Action Day 2008

Last year, Blog Action Day focused bloggers around the world on the issue of the environment.  This year, poverty is the focus, and what could be more important, especially in this time of financial uncertainty.  It shakes me to think of how the vast majority of people on this planet live with a crippling feeling of uncertainty every day of their lives, but not because the major giant conglomerate companies in their countries are losing stock value, or because the government is becoming more and more tied up in the banking system, or even because the next leader of their country is in the midst of being decided.  They wonder if they will be able to find food for their families, and for themselves.  They wonder if there will be work for them today, or tomorrow.  They wonder if the next time one of their children is ill, will they be able to receive the medication they need.  And, I think, maybe, they wonder if anyone out there cares about their worries. 

Do we really care?  Do we care as much as we care about our own stocks and retirement funds? 

Bono, the lead singer of U2, gave a moving speech some time ago at a prayer breakfast in Washington.  Please go and watch it here, and let it sink in.  Then find something that’s already blessed to get involved with- something like what I’m doing with my youth at church- the 30 Hour Famine from World Vision.  Get out of your own isolated existence and reach out into the world.  There are so many people we could help, and we could use the distraction, don’t you agree? 

Thanks for reading today- I hope you’ll be inspired to get involved.


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