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My color is improving, today was definitely a little brighter (not really lavender, but maybe cornflower), mostly because I was too busy to be blue. 

I just got back from a mafia interview with a reporter from the Baltimore city paper, and I’ve got to get crackin on another project that’s set to be photographed on Friday for the Sun paper.  It’s press week here at HVM Designs

Speaking of press, you can help me out by voting for me in the Baker Artist Awards competition, if you feel I am deserving of your time and vote… I promise to keep all artistic promises I make here on the campaign trail, including to make things that are pretty, and to sell them to you.  Also, I promise to heartily love all kittens and babies that you show me.  My name is Heather, and I approved this paragraph. 

Anyway, check it out!  And, if you’re a Baltimore artist, enter!  And VOTE!  And thanks! 

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