For some reason, I was ready this morning well before I needed to be, so I made coffee and a real breakfast, and went to open the door for the kids to come back from their Dad’s in time for school. 

Something grabbed me about the sky as I opened the door, and although I was freezing, I went out on the porch and watched it for a minute, then grabbed the camera and took a few shots.  Of course, they do it no justice, but it was amazing in person, believe me.  It put me in an even more reflective mood than I have already been this week (which has been an interesting one, for many reasons).  One of my neighbors came outside then, and snapped me out of my trance with his exclamation- “you crazy, standing out here in the cold staring at the sky?” 

Yuppers.  Crazy. 

Are you like me, crazy?  Wouldn’t you have stared? 

In other news, I think I must have the new Joan Osborne album.  I’m sitting here, eating my mom’s homemade applesauce (thanks, momma) and some sunbutter and jelly sandwiches I made with pumpkin cookies as the bread, listening to “Sweeter Than The Rest”, and it’s just perfect.  Things are perfect. 

So why do I feel so numb? 

Gotta get to work.  More later on the interesting photo shoot we’re participating in this afternoon… have a beautiful, sky-on-fire day. 


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