A very spooky tale…

These are the sell-out flea market costumes I got for our party at church this year.  I still ended up having to make three Halloween costumes this year, for a story in the Baltimore Sun newspaper about last-minute, low budget costumes.  I’ll post those photos when the story runs. 

Last night I spent the better part of the evening (and night) wrestling with a pumpkin of great girth.  The thing was 18 inches across.  Sage really wanted to roast the seeds, and we needed to eat the pumpkin, not carve it- too much of an investment to waste, I explained to her.  Pulling inspiration from the Little House on the Prairie read-aloud we’re doing, I rolled up my sleeves, and started.  I cut the mammoth thing in half, and preheated the oven.  I hacked away and sliced it into big slices.  I put in the first batch to roast.  I cleaned the gunk from the seeds, and laid them to dry.  I pulled out the first batch, put in the second, and started to peel the first for dinner and puree.  Are you bored yet?  Repeat 3 more times, then spend another hour in front of your overheated, ridiculously small food processor, purreeing in batches.  Many, many batches.  I actually gave up and put the last pan of roasted slices in the fridge.  I ended up with 5 quart-sized freezer bags of puree, not so shabby. 

We sat down to eat…

roasted pumpkin, jonagold apple, pomegranate seeds, cinnamon, and agave nectar

roasted pumpkin, jonagold apple, pomegranate seeds, cinnamon, and agave nectar

…when suddenly, there was a sharp knock on the door.  It was rainy and cold outside, I thought, who could be at the door this late?  A shiver ran up my spine.  I walked to the door, playing through several awful scenarios involving sharp implements and flung acids.  I opened the door to a middle-aged woman with a clipboard.  She spoke:

“I’m looking for a <insert unpronounceable Ethiopian name of my landlord>?” 

“Oh, that’s our landlord, or at least she was, when she was paying the mortgage.”

The woman replied, eyeing the kids over my shoulder and softening her tone, “Oh, I see.  I’m so sorry.  I’m here to deliver the court paperwork to begin the foreclosure of this property.”

I invite the woman to step in out of the rain while I fetch the landlord’s address.  I know she won’t respond, and I tell the woman as much.  She says she’ll be back (she wouldn’t elaborate on a time frame) to post the entire document on the front door, and take a photo.  Then, she explained, the document must remain on the door for the authorities and any passersby to see. 

“I see,” I reply flatly.  “Like the scarlet letter.” 

She didn’t think it was funny.  I didn’t either. 

So, the ending to this tale is choose-your-own-adventure. 

Turn to page 46 to move out of the property in question, uprooting your family and downsizing dramatically to a 2 bedroom apartment. 

Turn to page 47 to stick with it and see what happens, risking getting an eviction notice and only having 30 days to find the aforementioned 2 bedroom apartment. 

Turn to page 48 to stick your head right into the sand.  You’d make an excellent ostrich. 

I’m leaning towards pg. 48…

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  1. The costume pic is adorable!! That pumpkin recipe looks like something I’d like to try.

    I’m sorry about your landlord flaking out on your apartment. I hope that there will be a good solution for you soon!! (finding the landlord and asking what the hell happened to all your rent money would be a good start…. sigh…)

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