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fun with hair!

Posted in musings on November 29, 2008 by askthesky

hair dying 002 by you.

So, my kids at church (2 kids, aged 12) raised a LOT of money for the recent fast we did- World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine.  I had told them at the beginning that if they doubled their fundraising goals (which they did, and then some), I would dye my hair whatever color they wanted.  They chose green.  Above is the photo of the first step, the bleaching.  I used Manic Panic Flash Lightning bleach for this step, in two stages.  I left it on for a pretty long time, but my hair is so dark, that it didn’t make it as light as wanted.  Thank goodness I only did streaks, if I had done my whole head, there wouldn’t have been enough bleach to cover the whole thing, and it wouldn’t have been as impressive when I put the green on. 

Here’s the result, I used Manic Panic in Evergreen. 

hair dying 006 by you.

hair dying 007 by you.

It matches my eyes!  What do you think?



Posted in musings on November 21, 2008 by askthesky

I am busy getting ready for a weekend fast with my youth group at church, but wanted to point you all to this event:

Check it out!  More soon, including a shop update Sunday night!

Heap Wrap-Up

Posted in musings on November 16, 2008 by askthesky

Holiday Heap was a heaping success!  Here’s some shots of my table- if you head over to my flickr feed, you can see the notes.  It was dark, but the flash was really obnoxious, so please excuse the grain and shake…

table by you.

table detail by you.

work photos 265 by you.

I had the best neighbors a girl could hope for, who made the day fly by!  Jenny CottonmonsterMama Strunge-

blurry monster maker by you.

And Gary Filling-in-cause-he’s-the nicest-friend (you may recognize him from Red Tree in Hampden)at the Fisticuffs booth-

Fisticuffs booth by you.

This guy kept us laughing all the livelong day.  And who was “us”, you ask?  Well, I don’t know what I did to deserve such a friend to help me, but I’d like to do it some more.  Julia the wonderhelper, and Stimulator of Indie Craft Economy came to be my personal slave for the day, and man, was it nice.  I had someone to schlep stuff, someone to give me a bathroom break, someone to put things in bags, it was pure heaven.  It only took us half an hour to break down the goods, pack up, return our table, and motor.  Julia, I am in your debt.  It’s official.  Also, please don’t be mad that I posted this really awful picture of you on the interwebs. 

blurry dedicated super helper by you.

Love!  Love!  Love! 

I did really well at the show, apparently cuffs are the new black- I almost sold out of them, and I got a really great response to my new freeform necklaces, selling many of them.  Any leftovers will go up in the shop later tonight, so hop over if you’re interested, but couldn’t make it out yesterday. 

Also, big shout outs to Fatima, Evan, Juliana, and Drew, who all came and burned midnight oil with me to help get everything ready on time.  You guys rule.

I dare you to try and beat me…

Posted in musings on November 14, 2008 by askthesky

If I get to them first, I’m warning you, the follwing items (or items much like them) will be MINE!  Mwaah HA HA!  Beat me to them, tomorrow!  Holiday HEAP! 

Nouveau Earrings 1

from Imogene

felt flower collar necklace - folkloric

From Littlest Bean

From Fisticuffs

New Rectangular Broken Plate Ring Green and Yellow Flowers

From Broken Plate Co.


Posted in musings on November 11, 2008 by askthesky

It’s one thing to be in the local paper.  It’s another thing altogether to be interviewed by the AP and have your story run all over the country and Canada!  Such is the awesomeness of Ms. Rachel Bone

She’ll be at Holiday Heap, too!  Come see us!

Coming up for air…

Posted in musings on November 10, 2008 by askthesky

…can only…spare hands… for one moment… to remind you to come down to St. John’s THIS SATURDAY for Holiday Heap! 

Here’s the place to find all the details:

It seems the planets are not aligned correctly for me to display more visually interesting information today…and for that, I apologize. 



Peace out.

What? It’s when??

Posted in musings on November 7, 2008 by askthesky

Oh, my.  I have never in my life made so many things in so short a time.  Life has been a hectic blur of crocheting, cooking, cleaning, and driving lately.  Holiday Heap is next SATURDAY (Dear.  God.), and I have been knocked off my pace by some unforeseeable family needs on the part of the kids’ dad, which has left me high and dry as far as child-free moments are concerned.  I have officially enlisted the help of all local real-life friends to provide various services for me in this difficult time, and thankfully I have very talented friends who are willing to lend a hand.  If you’ve doctored files, shot photos, collated kits, watched children, offered coffee, or just listened to me whine on the telephone, I thank you. 

I did somehow manage to make a kick-ass chicken salad today, and here is the un-recipe:

Mix all this stuff together:

Chicken (brined first- I soaked 3 boneless, skinless breasts in salted water for about half an hour in the fridge, then poached in water for about 15 minutes, cooled, chopped)

Scallions, chopped

Walnut pieces

Dried Cranberries

half of a huge Jongagold Apple, peeled and chopped

Mayo (I use Canola Mayo, maybe 2/3 cup)

Champagne Vinegar (cause I’m fancy like that)- just a splash

salt and pepper to taste

a dash of cayenne

Stick it in the fridge to get well acquainted, and try not to eat it all in one sitting.