Heap Wrap-Up

Holiday Heap was a heaping success!  Here’s some shots of my table- if you head over to my flickr feed, you can see the notes.  It was dark, but the flash was really obnoxious, so please excuse the grain and shake…

table by you.

table detail by you.

work photos 265 by you.

I had the best neighbors a girl could hope for, who made the day fly by!  Jenny CottonmonsterMama Strunge-

blurry monster maker by you.

And Gary Filling-in-cause-he’s-the nicest-friend (you may recognize him from Red Tree in Hampden)at the Fisticuffs booth-

Fisticuffs booth by you.

This guy kept us laughing all the livelong day.  And who was “us”, you ask?  Well, I don’t know what I did to deserve such a friend to help me, but I’d like to do it some more.  Julia the wonderhelper, and Stimulator of Indie Craft Economy came to be my personal slave for the day, and man, was it nice.  I had someone to schlep stuff, someone to give me a bathroom break, someone to put things in bags, it was pure heaven.  It only took us half an hour to break down the goods, pack up, return our table, and motor.  Julia, I am in your debt.  It’s official.  Also, please don’t be mad that I posted this really awful picture of you on the interwebs. 

blurry dedicated super helper by you.

Love!  Love!  Love! 

I did really well at the show, apparently cuffs are the new black- I almost sold out of them, and I got a really great response to my new freeform necklaces, selling many of them.  Any leftovers will go up in the shop later tonight, so hop over if you’re interested, but couldn’t make it out yesterday. 

Also, big shout outs to Fatima, Evan, Juliana, and Drew, who all came and burned midnight oil with me to help get everything ready on time.  You guys rule.

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