fun with hair!

hair dying 002 by you.

So, my kids at church (2 kids, aged 12) raised a LOT of money for the recent fast we did- World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine.  I had told them at the beginning that if they doubled their fundraising goals (which they did, and then some), I would dye my hair whatever color they wanted.  They chose green.  Above is the photo of the first step, the bleaching.  I used Manic Panic Flash Lightning bleach for this step, in two stages.  I left it on for a pretty long time, but my hair is so dark, that it didn’t make it as light as wanted.  Thank goodness I only did streaks, if I had done my whole head, there wouldn’t have been enough bleach to cover the whole thing, and it wouldn’t have been as impressive when I put the green on. 

Here’s the result, I used Manic Panic in Evergreen. 

hair dying 006 by you.

hair dying 007 by you.

It matches my eyes!  What do you think?

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