…in which I ramble…

Hello there!  You’re looking a bit damp, as is my basement.  Come, sit, dry off and listen to the ramblings of a woman who jumps from topic to topic with no regard for continuity of theme.  No regard, I tell you! 

Today on my Google Calendar, at noon, was listed:  Sanity Break- go watch funnies on YouTube.  Well, friends, YouTube is down, or at least it’s down for me, so there will be no Power Thirst, nor Winnebago Man today.  (If you’ve not seen those videos, go find them when YouTube returns, but watch at home, without children around, and skip them if you’re offended by gratuitous profanity.) So, instead, we have a blog post o’ randomness, my favorite kind. 

Last night, I found a can in the pantry that was in serious danger of becoming the can you find when you move out of your house.  You know, the one that’s so old, it’s become one with the shelf on which it’s been sitting for decades*.  This particular can was filled with Baked Beans, from Wegmans.  I assume that I came across this can in the store, and thought, “hey, I like beans, the kids like beans, this is very close to being  a prepared food is actually safe for us to eat… sign me up.”  I think I picked up 40 cans.  Or so. 

Well, you guessed it, the kids wouldn’t touch them.  Z wasn’t even interested in the cut up hot dogs nestled among the saucy beans.  Hot dogs, which to this child are usually the HOLY GRAIL of all things food.  How was I to use these baked beans?  I’m glad you’re wondering.  I made them into chili.  It was darn good, too, and so easy, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. 

Brown some ground beef, throw in a giant onion, tons (as in, 6-7 cloves) rough chopped garlic, cook those down a bit, drain if needed, then add in a double can of diced tomatoes, a can of plain pinto beans, some frozen corn, and the baked beans (the one I had was a big double can).  Cook that for a bit (5 mintues or so), then throw in some herbs.  I used cilantro, pepper, and a little chili powder.  You’re done!  It doesn’t need to cook down and meld like chili usually does, the bean-y sauce is enough to make it sweet and un-tomatoe-y.  MMMM, it’s even better the next day for lunch with Fritos.  Especially when you’re soaked through from delivering Meals of Wheels in the rain. 

In other news, the rain is supposedly turning to snow overnight, giving us an inch of accumulation, then melting later in the day.  My kids had better have school tomorrow.  Just sayin.  Mental Health Wednesday got pushed into Mental Health Friday this week, and Snow Day Friday and Mental Health Friday do not mix, my friends, they do not mix.  <crosses every crossable part of body>

The new class schedule is up at Lovelyarns, check it out if you’ve ever wanted to make a granny square project that didn’t bore you to tears, or make you want to run over “granny” with your car.  I think people have some strong feelings about granny squares, or perhaps not.   There’s also some amazing yarn (maybe, you should hurry though) that came in last week, including Malabrigo, which is really the best yarn ever.  Leave some for me, please, K? 


*The can I found was only a few months old.   I did find a can once when I moved during college that expired in the 80’s.  It was creamed corn, probably inherited from my Grnadmommy’s pantry when she passed away.  And no, I didn’t eat it.  Eeew.

2 Responses to “…in which I ramble…”

  1. christinalovesdogs Says:

    yeah… those baked beans? i totally looked at them during the un-vegan re-fried bean debockle, then realized i really don’t like plain baked beans, and put them back… they probably got that a lot… the look at, think a moment, and put away. good thing you gave them some tlc. and as zander once said “in my mouth out my bottom!” or whatever it was he said

  2. julietames Says:

    Imagine…your kid gets suspended on your mental health Friday. in the imortal words of Kate from Jon and Kate +8, “I Very well might lose my mind!”

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