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I’m listening to the Counting Crows- Omaha – right now, and taking a really short break from making my last few custom orders of the year to ask you for a favor. 

I don’t have time to properly explain, but Juliet, Rachel, Shannon, and etsy have all explained it really well.  Please read about the law that goes into effect very soon, that will put lots of makers of children’s items out of business, including me, although to be honest, I would just have to stop making children’s items and stick to my “adult” lines (sounds dirty, eh?).  But, many, many, many of my friends would have to literally shut down their operations, not to mention all those out there all over the country, in Omaha, for example.  If you have kids, or if you know kids, help keep quality, safe handmade objects  for them a reality.  We need your voice! 

Please sign the petition( you don’t have to donate, although it looks that way after you sign- you can click “back” on your browser, then click the “signatures” tab to see all the signatures, and comments).  Learn more about what you can do.  Help us make a difference.  And, if you should happen to run into your favorite small-time maker of children’s handmade awesomeness, who is likely to be sweating profusely and mumbling quietly to them self in a corner, buy them a cup of coffee.  They’re gonna need it. 

Thank you.

Help Save Handmade Toys from the CPSIA

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