I could do without the formstone, but…

…you can’t have everything. 

Please excuse my absence over here these days.  We did have a lovely Christmas, and now it’s New Year’s Eve already, and some things are normal and just as they should be.  Unfortunately, other things are quite amiss. 

We have to move, and we have to move by the 15th of January.  Luckily, I started looking for a new house right after the house we’re currently living in, and have been renting for the past year and a half, went back to the bank’s ownership in a foreclosure, so I’ve signed a lease (only about 6 blocks from our current address), and we should be all set. 

We will be all set, as soon as the whole house is packed, all the address changes are made, and on and on and o n a n d o nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.  I will say that my community of friends and family have been so supportive- lending their time, dropping off tape and boxes, buying restaurant gift cards, donating their packing skillz and happily babysitting.  It’s been quite the outpouring, and it’s humbling.  You really can tell, as the old saying goes, who your true friends are when you are in serious need.  So, if you’ve helped and you’re reading this now, please know how grateful I am, for you. 

Bear with me these next few weeks.  I won’t have a shop update until after the 20th at the earliest, because setting up the kids’  part of the home is frankly more important than my studio. 

Send me your wishes if you’re far away, all your positive energies, good mojo, or whatevs.  I will need them. 

Back to packing… I’ll leave you with the last photo that will be seen from our current house, taken by my friend Drew, after we got back from the lights.  Happy 2009, may it be peaceful.  

kids by you.

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  1. christinalovesdogs Says:

    hi my lady!!

    this pic is amazing, i can’t wait to see my little loves soon! and you of course. see you when i get back!

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