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It’s been a long december…

Posted in musings on January 27, 2009 by askthesky

You know the rest, right?  I’m apparently loving the Counting Crows borrowed titles lately… it’s a new theme!  Whee! 

We are moved.  Things are getting homey.  No photos yet, but I promise a proper tour towards the beginning of next week, as I am off to catch a plane to sunny San Antonio later today for a Christian Educator’s Conference.  I’m feeling sad and happy about getting away- it’s hard to leave the kids for more than 2 days (I’m back Saturday), and I have so much to do to get the shop out of vacation mode, finish up the house, work on a pattern for my Valentine’s Day crochet class… never ending list, that one.   But, I am looking forward to getting out of the wintry mix we’re getting in Baltimore today. 

More to come, meanwhile, go check out these perfect hyacinth, the cutest hot cocoa drinkers, and more upcoming reason for me to avoid Target at all costs.  If I’m interested in feeding my family, that is…