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a peek into my process

Posted in musings on February 26, 2009 by askthesky

barrette dolls, a photo essay…

Work in progress by you.

ami faces in progress by you.

ami barrette doll in progress by you.


House Tour, part the third!

Posted in musings on February 20, 2009 by askthesky

Hmmm, what could be behind door #3? 

door to the... by you.

Let’s take a closer look… is that a label? 

what's this? by you.

Why, yes it is… my favorite room in the house, the studio!  This is where all the magic happens, people! 

studio by you.

This is taken from the door, looking in.  I’ve still got my two table set-up, which I love- the drafting table at a gentle angle, and the lower flat table next to it.  The drafting table is perfect for yarn winding- right now you can see the borrowed swift (thanks Julia!) and on the other little outcropping, which is on the right (out of view here), is the ball winder.  Together, an unstoppable team.  Little K, there’s your barrette doll head on the table!  Also if note in this pic- the door (window) snake I had to make to keep out the BREEZE- not draft, mind you, but breeze.  That window is messed up, and it’s so cold in here, it’s very hard to work.  I’m glad I just finished some Malabrigo fingerless gloves to wear while I am in the studio. 

Here’s my inspiration board (if you click through to Flickr, you can see all the little detailed notes about the different things on there):

inspiration board by you.

Here’s some of my storage- on the bookshelf are painting supplies, beading supplies, and adhesives, and in the basket on top, there is yarn, covered with my rainbow snead.  The little German medicine caddy has slide out drawers that hold ribbon and trims. 

studio organization by you.

This room came with closet hardware on two of the walls, which I’ve tried to put to good use (again, click through for more details on what all this stuff is):

studio organization by you.

studio organization by you.

I finally hung my diploma!  It only took 10 years! 

I smart! by you.

This is my “baltimore through the back door” photo:

inspiring view by you.

I love my neighborhood, especially its quirky backsides. 

Some little random details:

ellie the ami by you.

Ellie the Ami

Tiny vintage wind-up doll from when I was a baby:

vintage wind-up doll by you.

Hooray!  Our tour is complete!  Thanks so much for coming along!

House Tour, part 2!

Posted in musings on February 17, 2009 by askthesky

First off, I’ve got to show you the living room with the sun shining- it’s pretty nutty how much light this house gets, even in the winter.  The down side is that the back of the house never gets any sun. 

snuggle up with some yarn... mmmm... by you.

The cat is too lazy to move with the sun.  This is my favorite place to crochet.  (Trac, those are your curtains!)

LIGHT! by you.

This is the little display I made to catch the light when it comes in the transom- the blue vase makes a cast on the wall, and the silvery stuff makes the whole ceiling sparkle there.  I mounted that mirror so it would throw the light over to the other side of the room.  The results are great. 

Nana's Italian flag by you.

Nana’s Italian flag…

cotton monster evil eye by you.

Housewarming Evil Eye from Jen (thank you!)

Ok, on to the regularly scheduled tour of the upstairs… here’s my room:

my bedroom by you.

It gets that same all-day light, and there is always a cat in that spot. 

my bedroom by you.

I added an inspiration wire above the mirror here to put all the really special things that the kids make for me.  There’s some detail of the purple card over on my Flickr page

In the hall outside my room:

singer sargent display by you.

10 year old Singer Sargent postcards in super cheap frames…

There’s no mistaking whose room is next on the tour…

guess who resides in this room? by you.

Rainbow on wall and furniture from my childhood bedroom…

kid's room by you.

There’s Sage’s barrette doll hanging…

kid's room by you.

Here’s Z’s bed with the amazing quilt I was given when Sage was born- one of my parents made it when I taught school.  On the bed is the ABC blanket that was Zander’s Christmas present from Aunt Trisha and cousins. 

Artwork c/o Sage:

kid's room by you.

Bathroom!  By Ikea! 

bathroom by you.

Ok, I think there’s already wayyy too many photos in this post, so I’ll save the best room for another post… can you wait?  Please?  It’ll be worth it, I promise!

New house tour!

Posted in musings on February 13, 2009 by askthesky

Long overdue?  Yes.  Shall we? 

The living room!  Red+Pink = Love. 

feb 09 072 by you.

The Dining Room!  Can you stand the excitement?! 

Check out those amazing framed fabrics- a housewarming gift from my dear Becca. 

feb 09 071 by you.

The Cookery!  WHEEEEE!!!!!!

feb 09 075 by you.

Don’t miss Zeke the cat down there at the bottom of this next one- laying on the highly sought after Casserole Tote Cat Bed ™. 

feb 09 076 by you.

Hooray!  Wasn’t that FUN?  Next, the equally exciting UPSTAIRS!  Stay tuned…

Deep in the heart

Posted in musings on February 10, 2009 by askthesky

I traveled to San Antonio recently, for a day-job conference, and on the first night, a reception was held at the Institutes of Texan Cultures.  Wow.  This was an amazing museum, chronicling all the different settlers of Texas through time, organized by cultural background.  I didn’t get to see every exhibit, although I spent the entire 2 and a half hours I was there soaking up as much as I could.  Here’s a little photo tour of some of the coolest parts:

  feb 09 062 by you.

Very Deco bibles and books from Germany and Eastern Europe

feb 09 058 by you.

Sharecropper’s Kitchen

feb 09 051 by you.

Amazing, huge quilt with a flag border

feb 09 050 by you.

Large weaving loom

feb 09 047 by you.

feb 09 045 by you.

wall embroidery- detail and translation below…

feb 09 046 by you.

feb 09 048 by you.

Love this text! 

feb 09 044 by you.

feb 09 042 by you.

I wish the hook was more visible in this photo- it was really beautiful…

feb 09 035 by you.

Spinning wheel, complete with spinning docent…

feb 09 034 by you.

feb 09 032 by you.

There was so much more, but I couldn’t get decent photos of everything- there’s a little more over on my flickr.  If you live near San Antonio, I highly recommend a visit!