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I traveled to San Antonio recently, for a day-job conference, and on the first night, a reception was held at the Institutes of Texan Cultures.  Wow.  This was an amazing museum, chronicling all the different settlers of Texas through time, organized by cultural background.  I didn’t get to see every exhibit, although I spent the entire 2 and a half hours I was there soaking up as much as I could.  Here’s a little photo tour of some of the coolest parts:

  feb 09 062 by you.

Very Deco bibles and books from Germany and Eastern Europe

feb 09 058 by you.

Sharecropper’s Kitchen

feb 09 051 by you.

Amazing, huge quilt with a flag border

feb 09 050 by you.

Large weaving loom

feb 09 047 by you.

feb 09 045 by you.

wall embroidery- detail and translation below…

feb 09 046 by you.

feb 09 048 by you.

Love this text! 

feb 09 044 by you.

feb 09 042 by you.

I wish the hook was more visible in this photo- it was really beautiful…

feb 09 035 by you.

Spinning wheel, complete with spinning docent…

feb 09 034 by you.

feb 09 032 by you.

There was so much more, but I couldn’t get decent photos of everything- there’s a little more over on my flickr.  If you live near San Antonio, I highly recommend a visit!

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