House Tour, part 2!

First off, I’ve got to show you the living room with the sun shining- it’s pretty nutty how much light this house gets, even in the winter.  The down side is that the back of the house never gets any sun. 

snuggle up with some yarn... mmmm... by you.

The cat is too lazy to move with the sun.  This is my favorite place to crochet.  (Trac, those are your curtains!)

LIGHT! by you.

This is the little display I made to catch the light when it comes in the transom- the blue vase makes a cast on the wall, and the silvery stuff makes the whole ceiling sparkle there.  I mounted that mirror so it would throw the light over to the other side of the room.  The results are great. 

Nana's Italian flag by you.

Nana’s Italian flag…

cotton monster evil eye by you.

Housewarming Evil Eye from Jen (thank you!)

Ok, on to the regularly scheduled tour of the upstairs… here’s my room:

my bedroom by you.

It gets that same all-day light, and there is always a cat in that spot. 

my bedroom by you.

I added an inspiration wire above the mirror here to put all the really special things that the kids make for me.  There’s some detail of the purple card over on my Flickr page

In the hall outside my room:

singer sargent display by you.

10 year old Singer Sargent postcards in super cheap frames…

There’s no mistaking whose room is next on the tour…

guess who resides in this room? by you.

Rainbow on wall and furniture from my childhood bedroom…

kid's room by you.

There’s Sage’s barrette doll hanging…

kid's room by you.

Here’s Z’s bed with the amazing quilt I was given when Sage was born- one of my parents made it when I taught school.  On the bed is the ABC blanket that was Zander’s Christmas present from Aunt Trisha and cousins. 

Artwork c/o Sage:

kid's room by you.

Bathroom!  By Ikea! 

bathroom by you.

Ok, I think there’s already wayyy too many photos in this post, so I’ll save the best room for another post… can you wait?  Please?  It’ll be worth it, I promise!

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